Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners - Learn How To Start Off
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Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners  -  Learn How to Start Off

As a bodybuilding beginners you have many questions in your mind such as How can we start ? what kind of food we can eat ? What is the best bodybuilding training program for us ?and a lot of good questions all bodybuilding beginners certainly ask. so we will guide you step by step through some of the basics to get you started .

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners 1 of 5 Mindset

As we all know good mindset can save a lot of time and effort to achieve more goals than we expect so as beginner the first question you have to ask yourself before you start , why you will start off in bodybuilding ? Anyone can start off in bodybuilding, but we all have different reasons.For example you have some fat around your body and you need to cut them lose Lose Fat or you make a surgery and your doctor advice you to do some workout to rebuild your muscle Build Muscle or you intend to be a Professional Bodybuilder or a Fitness Model Whatever the reason why you decide to start you have to determine your goal before you start off whether you are a female or male beginner it will be much easier for you to achieve if you determine your goal from the start and maybe it inspires you to a higher goals .

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners 2 of 5 Action plan

After you determine your goal you have to prepare yourself to start .there are two main things you have to find before you start off and if you do the right choice they will be a big support for you

.1 - Find a Gym

Finding a gym is a very impotent step for every bodybuilding beginners because when you choose the right place to train it we be vital for your success , so what kind of gym you are looking for ? well it must be around your neighborhood and it will be much better if you can go to it by foot cause it will help you to defeat all excuses about not going , the Gym atmosphere is a very important key for you because it helps you to concentrate more which means better results for you . Ask yourself what is better for me train in a Gym full of big muscle bodybuilders or train in a Gym that has personal trainer who will help you to achieve your goals .

2 - Find a training partner

Bodybuilding sport have a lot of challenges not everyone can deal with it in fact 90% of the beginners didn't achieve their goals whatever it is Lose Fat , Build Muscle because they didn't have the amount of support and motivation all beginners need.Only 10% can survive and achieve their goals. Imagine a beginner bodybuilder will he or she succeed if they trained without any help? Of course not but not everyone can pay for personal trainer so they quite so quickly. That's why the training partner is so important.Especially for bodybuilding beginners you can Take your friend who has the same goal to train with you or you can find a lot of training partners in the gym.The point is your training partner will give you the support and motivation you need .

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners 3 of 5 personal trainer

As we mentioned before any bodybuilding beginners need a certain amount of support , motivation and inspiration to reach their goals . training partner is your first choice but if it is hard for you to get one, so you have to look for help.there are many gym offer the services of personal trainer who can access you and tell you what is your body type , what kind of food you have to eat, what is the training plan that will match your goals although you have to ask your doctor about the suitable diet plan according to your bodybuilding training program to have all the benefits from both sides .

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners 4 of 5 Beginners Challenge

Bodybuilding like any other sport have some common challenges all bodybuilding

beginners have to face and conquer .

1- High expectations

The first challenge that conquer almost 90% of bodybuilding beginner are High Hopes everyone want to go to the Gym today and wake up next morning jacked like Arnold .or skinny like Angelina and after a few month of training he disappointed and stop or start take some supplements to gain muscle fast or some diet bills to lose fat fast and that is very dangerous especially for beginners male or female you have to understand that your dream will never come true by itself you have to work for it .

2 - No pain No gain

Well , everyone of us have a daily activities his body used to do it continuously and when he add a new activity like bodybuilding sport, his body will suffer for a while from this new activity and you will feel some pain in your body, however it will quickly disappeared, it will take almost one week only , my advice is just be patient because all bodybuilding beginner pass this pain in one week only.

3 - Food challenge

Every bodybuilding beginner he or she need to change the way they eat , as we said before nutrition is a very important factor in any sport . and it's more important in bodybuilding too . Bodybuilding beginner like anyone of us eats just 3 meals a day however when he start do some workout this number must increase to 6 or 7 meals a day according to his weight , his training program , his body type that is if he or she aim to gain wight or build muscle however if they aim to lose fat that is another type of challenge .

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners 4 of 5 How to Conquer any Challenge

1 - Knowledge

One of the most important steps you have to take as a bodybuilding beginner is knowledge.Gather as much information as you can about bodybuilding and all topics which are related to your goals such as nutrition and how it effect your progress, body types and what kind of nutrition suitable for yours bodybuilding supplements and how and when you can take some. Find bodybuilding training program for you according to your goal ,and your body type all this knowledge will help you to achieve your goal and will teach you how to develop it.

2- Motivation

As a bodybuilding beginner you have to motivate yourself all the time until you reach your goal because if you lose your motive, you will lose the road to the end line your goal whatever your goal was, become a professional bodybuilder or fitness model or just get in shape , motivation is the fuel you need to achieve your goal . there are many source of motivation as we said before your training partner can be a good motivation for you also your personal trainer is good source of motivation but the best source of motivation is your sport idol ,your favorite star like Arnold Schwarzenegger for example he had unbelievable success story .

3 - Determination

Determination is the corner stone for everyone who start in bodybuilding or any other sports with a certain goal in mind no body can achieve any thing without determination because it gives you a weapon to conquer any challenge you may face in your journey with Bodybuilding . we said before Knowledge and Motivation is good combination every beginner need but the most important is the outcome from both element which is determination .

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