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Everybody wants that V-taped ,muscular back.Yet ,how many of us can actually achieve it?In order to get one outstanding back you have take into consideration a couple of things.

1.Doing pull ups is a great way to tone up your back and create that V-shape.But what if your waist is too big and the V-shaped back does not look like it should because you're simply overweight?What if only pull ups are not enough to create the back of your life?

The solution to my first question is simple - you have to lose the stubborn body fat first.The solution to my second question is harder though.You have to do weighted pull/chin ups.You can't compare a back of someone who is only doing bodyweight pull ups with a back of someone who is doing weighted ones.The difference would be massive!Furthermore when it comes to pull ups forget about doing 15-20 reps because someone said that more reps on pull ups equals more muscle.This is not correct.I strive to get around 5-7 when I am doing my workouts with 40 lb dumbell between my knees and I am feeling great after 3 sets of this exercise (or at least - my back is feeling great).Of course you have to pay attention to the technique which we'll review later..

The other important exercise ,also called "the king" ,which will make wonders for your whole body as well as back is the deadlift.There isn't a single other exercise which requires your commitment ,determination and motivation.(maybe only the squate but in a smaller extent)You should do deadlifts in the begginning of your workout right after pulls ups.If you want to go heavy on the deadlifts you should confine yourself to normal pull ups only because if you do weighted ones you simply wont have the energy to perform good when you are deadlifting.

The third important issue when it comes to your back is your biceps. It's a small muscle but if it's not properly incorporated into your workout it can either traumatize you or reduce the effectiveness of your back routine.If you train your biceps before your back you will come up against problems for sure.1) You will not be able to lift a serious amount of weight when you are exerciseing your back and - 2)You might traumatize yourself when you are doing the deadlift ,especially if you have the wrong tendency to incorporate your arms into the lift.

Next time when you are doing your back take those tips into consideration and you will see improvements in both strength and reps.

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