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Can You Eat Raw Eggs To Gain Muscle?
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Can You Eat Raw Eggs To Gain Muscle?

It is phenomenal how often this question is asked. It’s even more mind blowing how many mis-informed people there are out there giving out false information. Many people believe that you should never eat raw eggs because you might get salmonella. Getting salmonella would be a terrible consequence, but believe it or not, getting salmonella isn’t the problem here. Eating raw eggs to gain muscle, not pasteurized, is not an efficient way to gain muscle.

Salmonella is generally carried on the shell of the egg. So as long as you wash the outside of your eggs, your risk of getting salmonella from eating raw eggs is quite low. This risk is grossly over hyped. But, with that said, eating untreated eggs is not an effective way to absorb that extra protein that you need to hit on a daily basis.

Egg whites are 90% water and 10% protein. This protein is a very high quality protein. One problem with this protein however is that raw egg whites contain avidin. Avidin is a glycoprotein which blocks vitamin B6 and vitamin H which in turn causes a vitamin deficiency. This results in your body not being able to properly absorb the protein from the egg whites and processing it efficiently.

Clearly Rocky Balboa wasn’t informed about this little fact. On average, if you consume a raw egg, you will absorb and process 50% of the protein from the egg. If you cook/ pasteurize the egg, then you absorb up to 98% of the protein! To better understand why it’s so critical to treat the egg, let’s look at what happens when the egg is heated.

When an egg is cooked, the white part that results is due to the protein undergoing a chemical reaction. The amino acid chains in an egg are very long. When these are in their natural raw state, they are extremely dense and folded up. This makes it very hard for your body to digest it. However, when you cook/ pasteurize the egg white, these amino acid chains unfold and become much more accessible for your body to digest.

Eating sufficient amounts of egg protein and training with a workout routine to gain muscle has proven to be very effective. The key here is to make sure that you are absorbing all of the incredible nutrients that the egg has to offer. If you’re only absorbing 50% of the protein from an egg, then you are only getting roughly 3 grams of protein per egg.

Cooking eggs different styles will yield different absorption results. For example, if you hard

boil your eggs, your body will take roughly 3 hours to process the protein. But if you instead soft boil or poach them, then this process is much quicker. On average your body will be able to fully process soft boiled eggs in 2 hours.

Have you ever tried to eat 5 hard boiled eggs? Let me tell you, it’s not a fun experience. The dryness of the hard yolk is extremely hard to swallow. In contrast, if you try to eat 5 soft boiled eggs, it’s much easier. Consuming 5 soft boiled eggs feels like nothing more than a bowl of soup. This is why so many bodybuilders consume soft boiled eggs directly after training with their workout routine to gain muscle.

The most efficient way to eat eggs is to pasteurize them and put them into your protein shake. It tastes surprisingly good when mixed with berries and has a nice light foamy consistency to it. Pasteurizing can be done at home but requires some precision to execute correctly. Here’s how to effective pasteurize your eggs so that they can be used in protein shakes.

Leave your carton of eggs out on the counter so that they reach room temperature. Put some water in a pot and heat it to exactly to 142 degrees F. You will need to buy a thermometer for this, don’t be cheap! Once your water has reached 142 degrees, place your room temperature eggs into the pot. For medium sized eggs, leave them in for 3.5 minutes. For large to extra large eggs, leave them in the water for 5 minutes.

After that is done, your egg whites are pasteurized and ready for eating. It’s recommended that you put your pasteurized eggs into an air-tight container. Eggs begin to cook at 160 degrees F. So leaving them in water at a temperature of 142 degrees will not cause your eggs to turn solid white. These eggs of course can also be used for any recipe that calls for the use of raw eggs.

So to conclude, yes eating raw pasteurized eggs is a very effective way to meet your protein requirements. The keyword here is pasteurized. Pasteurising your eggs will also eliminate the risk of getting salmonella (even though this risk is low to begin with). Train hard with a workout routine to gain muscle, consume up to 8 eggs per day, and you are well on your way to developing more muscle than you have ever achieved before.

Street Talk

That's great information Lars! I did not know any of this. Like most people I watched Rocky and was impressed :) when he 'drank' all those eggs. Little did I know! Very informative article!

  about 1 decade ago
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