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Facts About Excess Abdominal Fat
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The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people today carry a huge amount of excess abdominal fat. The additional fact that this additional fat is ugly only makes them self conscious about it and so they hide their bodies.

The ugliness is not the only issue of too much abdominal fat, however, and most people miss the fact that it is also health issue. Too much body fat is general is bad, but scientific research has shown that too much fat in the stomach area is even more dangerous than the rest of the body combined.

The abdominal area contains two types of fat. Subcutaneous fat is the first type and is right on top of the ab muscles and under the skin, essentially covering up the abdominal muscles.

Visceral fat is the second type of fat and it develops under the muscles and around the internal organs. Men with this type of fat have a protruding abdomen which also feels sort of hard when pushed on and is typically referred to as a “beer belly”.

Science has shown that the second type of fat, visceral, is more dangerous than the first type, subcutaneous, although they are both unhealthy. Increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some forms of cancer and a host of degenerative diseases are dangers of both types of stomach fat. Higher levels of an indicator of swelling inside the body which can indicate progress towards heart disease, CRP, C-reactive protein has also been found in studies to occur with higher levels of abdominal fat.

Consistent releases of inflammatory molecules into the body have been shown to come from visceral fat, which is part of the concern over carrying excess amounts of it.

Reducing you additional belly fat should the top priority for those who care about the quality of their life and their loved ones lives! No other solution is acceptable. A flat stomach and potentially the much desired visible sexy 6 pack abs are side effects that should help drive the passion to lose all that ugly dangerous weight. How to get started losing the excess belly fat?

You’ve probably tried all the fat loss products hyped on the late night commercials and TV ads and know they don’t work. So what is the solution that will work for you?

There is no “miracle” overnight solution, and this must be understood and accepted first. Ab fat cannot be lost through supplements or pills or other snake oil product. “Scientifically” proven gadgets and gizmos like the belts, rollers, rocker or ball thingies also will not help. The products attempt to reduce fat through targeted exercise will is impossible. That’s not the way the body works.

Creating a stimuli for metabolic and hormonal responses inside the body through a quality and nutritious diet with lots of natural unprocessed meals and a comprehensive exercise program is the only way to ensure losing fat and maintaining the loss forever. To get this right, dietary and training programs are both very important and have to be followed correctly.

There have been studies where a group of dieters, with no exercise regimen was compared to a group with both a diet and an exercise program were compared for fat loss over a period of several months. The diet only group did well but the program with both diet and exercise lost significantly more abdominal fat.

To get results, specialized target exercise programs are called for, as the run of the mill program probably will not be effective. Most people don’t work out in a proper fashion to effectively stimulate the loss of fat, even though they may attempt to start an exercise routine. Just go to a gym and you will see this.

The common routine of cardio followed by body part training followed by side bends and crunches, not only are boring but the are literally useless for losing body fat, but it’s what most people do at the gym . After weeks with lack of results, frustration sets and they question where it all went wrong. Or they just quit.

My wife and I went out to dinner tonight and as we were sitting waiting for our meal, a couple walked in. He must have been 6'4" or 6'5", 340 or 360 lbs and carried all in his belly. She was 5'6, maybe 240. I don't want to seem judgmental, but having just written this article, the sight of them really affected me.

I wanted nothing more than to walk up to them and try and help them see the danger they were putting themselves into, and try and help them get their health on track, but as with all of us, it has to be a personal decision to change their lives and get started on a track towards better health.

In the end it does come down to personal decisions and I hope I've provided enough information for you to decide to take a look at ways you could change your for a more healthier life and begin to look into losing that excess abdominal fat!

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