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Find Out The Best Bicep Exercises For Men And Get Tips For Your Biceps Training
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Having massive biceps is a must for any bodybuilder and if you have small biceps, then it is impossible to hide it. Training biceps is fantastic and very rewarding for anyone, because of the incredible pump you get. But what are exactly the best bicep exercises for men? There are countless number of different bicep exercises and workouts. For a beginner it can be very confusing.

To avoid this confusion, I have selected 3 of the best bicep exercises for men. These exercises are simple and basic, which is exactly what a beginner needs. Some men try to do very complex exercises, that they found in some bodybuilding magazine, but they are not necessary and only add more frustration and confusion. Simplicity is the key to success.

The best bicep exercises - Barbell Curls

This is a very common exercise, that is used by most great bodybuilders with great biceps, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. If performed correctly then barbell curls are the most effective exercise for biceps. Why? Because you can use various different grip widths, which work the biceps in different angles, which lead to bigger and better biceps. You can easily add or remove weight to suit your needs. Barbell Curls also work your forearms, which is an added bonus.

The best bicep exercises - Dumbbell Curls

This exercise is also extremely important, if you want big biceps. It is similar to Barbell Curls, but the dumbbells work the bicep in an unique way. When you are doing this exercise, then you supinate your wrists, which works the brachiallis very effectively.

The best bicep exercises - Incline Curls

This is a very unique exercise, because the angle is much different. And it isolates the bicep very well, which makes it almost impossible to use momentum that most people use. When you have performed 2-3 exercises already, then doing Incline Curls is really painful, which is exactly what you need. But you also need to be careful, because the this exercise stretches your biceps and if you are not focusing or use too heavy weights, you can cause injury.

The best bicep exercises for men - Tips

Putting in order to really achieve great gains, you must perform these exercises correctly. The vast majority of people think they are doing their exercises correctly, but they are not. You must use weights that you can handle. Even if it means using a 25 pound dumbbell, instead of a 50 pound dumbbell. A novice might use heavy weights and look really impressive, but this is not the way to increase size. The movement has to be controlled and you must not use any momentum.

I will give you another piece of advice, that you will thank me later. The key to getting massive biceps, is doing very high number of sets (5-6 sets) for 12 reps with only 1 minute rest period between each set. The whole idea is to get the blood to the muscle and keep it there as long as you can. If you do Barbell Curls for 6 sets with 12 reps and keep your rest period around 1 minute, you will get an extreme pump.

So these were the best bicep exercises for men, in my opinion. You can`t really put that much emphasis on the exercise you are using. How you perform the exercise is much more important than the exercise you are using.

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