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Gain Muscle Burn Fat - Learn How To Here
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Gain Muscle Burn Fat   -   Learn How to Here

Have you spent many years like myself trying to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time but find it hasnt been working?

I tried so many different types of protein shakes that are designed to get you ripped while stiill gaining muscle but after months of training and money being thrown down the drain, i was never any better off!

I was reading different things on how to burn fat and build lean muscle in the process everyday. Asking friends of the gym how they do it but it still never worked for me. I guess each body is different hey?

I always dreamt of loosing that belly i had when i was younger which is still with me now but never could. i wasnt eaten that much rubbish, i wasnt being lazy it JUST WOULD NOT SHIFT!

One day i set myself a time period of 2weeks. I weighed myself at the beginning and took my body fat level and after those 2 painstaking weeks of intense working out using tips ive been shown of the internet. I had hardly changed what so ever!

I worked so hard in those 2weeks that i was so close to giving up gym altogether until i sat down one last time on the internet to find a proven method to burn fat whilst keeping/ building lean muscle. Ever felt like that? So close to giving up as what ever you do just isnt working? its horrible! ive been there and i feel your pain brother!

There are proven ways out there but things dont come easy. There are many factors i believe that are to be taken into account to achieve your goals and some of these i personally think are:

  • DONT GIVE UP. Results will come
  • Your diet. you need to eat sensibly. Little meals but often. Try to avoid one or 2 large meals. Small meals have been proven to speed up your metabolism throughout the day so you can help loose fat through the day periods by doing so.
  • Push yourself in the gym. Write down your goals. Focus on the short term ones first because then the long term goals willl naturally follow.

There are alot more things to be taken into account but this article is just purely to give you the opinion and point of view from someone who themselves has been where you are now!

Please do not give up! It will happen if yo go the right ways about it. I have now achieved my goal of burning my fat whilst keeping my muscley physique. Results will come.

Get the body you want and deserve.

Check out my blog guys. i can show you the way that works!

Thanks for reading! Burn fat gain muscle the simple way!

Street Talk

Interesting article! I myself tried to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time.. it s possible, but weary hard to do that.. actually my next article will explain how to do that.

  about 1 decade ago
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