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Hate The World? Then Gain Some Muscle!
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Hate The World? Then Gain Some Muscle!

Let the haters hate and the players play! In a stereotypical sense, these two groups look completely different. When you think of a hater, you probably see some scrawny emo like goth who hates the world and would rather not exist. On the flip side, when you think of a player, you probably see this smiling well-built stud with two hot broads on either side of him. Why does this happen?

Stereotypes happen for a reason. This doesn’t mean that all stereotypes are true, but there is a pattern that reinforces every stereotype. So why is it that the scrawny hater never seems as happy as the sculpted greek god like player? Putting life differences aside, the mere fact that one works out and one doesn’t can make a big difference.

When you workout at the gym, there are important elements in play that aid to your outlook on life and personal well-being. Have you ever noticed that some of the most chipper and energetic people on this earth are personal trainers? How is it that they are so incredibly stoked all the time? Is this just an act or is it genuine? Scientific evidence shows that it could very well be genuine.

1) Hormone release

As you know, the process of working out and building muscle releases large amounts of testosterone in men. Testosterone is well known to drastically affect the mood of a male. A common misconception is that testosterone makes men “angry” and they then engage is a state known as “roid rage.” The truth is really quite the opposite. Elevated testosterone actually improves a guy’s mood. When hormones are balanced, men feel at their best.

2) Endorphin rush

This is a big one. After performing an intense workout, a flood of endorphins are released into your blood stream. If you’re training with the best workout routine to gain muscle then your muscles will be taxed at just the right amount to achieve euphoria. This is when endorphins flood your system and give you a large energy boost. In this state, you are also able to focus more effectively, feel happier, and even your decision making power if more efficient.

3) Sense of accomplishment

It doesn’t matter what happens during the day. As long as you feel that you have accomplished something significant, your attitude will probably remain positive. This is where bodybuilders really have an advantage. Every single day of the week they accomplish something that progresses them closer to a personal goal. Progression is a key element that is programmed into humans to keep them productive.

4) Boost in confidence

It goes without saying that a higher self-confidence improves your life overall. When one exudes a high self-confidence, without bordering on arrogance, people around them treat that person with more respect and acceptance. This can go a long way when it comes to one’s attitude towards the world. Since bodybuilders accomplish a goal everyday, they typically have a respectable physique, and feel strong, their confidence shoots up.

This element alone is probably the number one difference between the hater and the player. The hater may claim to have high self-confidence, but he’s probably just trying to trick society into believing it. Training with the best workout routine to gain muscle will increase your confidence tenfold.

5) Acceptance of long term goals

Bodybuilders are educated. They know that there isn’t some magical supplement that will turn their body into the incredible hulk in the matter of two days. The majority of society is impatient. They expect results immediately. When those results don’t come right away, they become discouraged and quit.

Since the bodybuilder is informed on how muscle building works, he realizes that it will take time. With this in mind, he creates progressive goals in small increments that lead him to the ultimate end result. This is what it takes to keep an attitude in check. You must manage your expectations. Bodybuilding is a great tool for teaching that.

Use it or lose it. The body will only be mobile if you continuously inform it that it must be mobile in order for survival purposes. The human body has one goal, to survive. Since it takes additional calories to be out and about, the body would rather just sit around as long as the resources to survive are close by.

Working out with the best workout routine to gain muscle will keep your body in line. Training will teach it that you need the muscle mass to operate at an optimal level and ensure survival. In doing so, you reap all of the mental and physical benefits to working out.

Working out leads to a better quality of life, it’s as simple as that. You attract more people into your community, have a better outlook towards the world, and ultimately enjoy life on a higher level.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The world is a beautiful place if you have a beautiful face?” This same concept applies to physical fitness. It’s a sad fact, but the reality is that if you’re physically fit and healthy, you are going to be more attractive. The more attractive you are, in the general, the better society treats you. Should it be this way? Of course not! But you can’t change the world, so you might as well adapt.

The way that people treat you directly influences your mood. Why do you think that telemarketers are so depressed and a lot of cops are so mean? It’s because of the daily abuse they take from society on a consistent basis. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s just how they have become accustomed to the outside world. Because of this, they generally have a bad attitude towards people who don’t deserve it.

I’m not saying that working out will fix all of the problems in the world. But it can help you to create your very own piece of the world. The decisions you make and the actions that you take directly affect your world around you. Working out to gain muscle is a lifestyle decision that helps to balance your overall life.

Can I promise that if you train with the best workout routine to gain muscle that your life will be amazing? Of course not. But I can promise you that it will be improved. This is due to many different factors that correlate to one another. Making that first decision to work out on a consistent basis is the first step to taking control of your reality.

So who would you rather be? Do you want to be the hater who simply points fingers and blames the world? Or would you like to be the player who creates his own reality and improves his sense of being? Personally I have been both. I used to be the hater who felt like he got dealt a raw deal and couldn’t achieve what he wanted instantly. Then I learned the importance of patients and the benefit to playing sports and weight lifting.

So “Let a playa play!” Find yourself a quality workout routine to gain muscle. Educate yourself on physical fitness and the best way to go about it. The benefits that you will experience are life changing. It all starts by making one decision and sticking to it. Information is power, and power is education. The first day of a better life starts now.

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