High Calorie Foods To Gain Weight
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High Calorie Foods To Gain Weight

There are plenty natural ways to gain weight, more than you think. I'm here to help you find healthy food that will make you bigger. If your objective is gain weight, eat this foods and don't lose your focus.


When bulking, I have two cereals I absolutly love. And they are big, like 3 cups of each. Frosted Mini Wheats and a combination of corn flakes and loose oatmeal.


Any carb is good for bulking. High GI is best post-workout, while low to moderate GI is best otherwise. Whole Wheat pasta is great, just make sure it is truly whole wheat. Hodgsons Mill makes good stuff. Should be pure whole wheat flour. Don't think about protein in pasta --- you should eat some beef with your pasta anyway.


Yes, peanut butter frequently during bulking and cutting, I wouldn't replace it for an entire meal, but yeah, add it to my morning shakes, like two spoonfuls, adds some texture to the shake. Plus if your trying to add some strength gains during bulk, healthy fats are great ( i usually up my fats on off-days, and up carbs on training days)


Cottage cheese is great, eat tons of it. Good protein per calorie ratio, almost as good as chicken and eggwhites.

Cottage cheese 22g protein = 140kcal

Eggwhites 21g protein = 120kcal

Chicken 20g protein = 115kcal


A few sandwiches per day are fine, but you should strive for a variety. You don't get all your protein needs from whey, right? So, just like protein, try and get your other macronutrients (example here is carbs) from a variety of sources.


I love guacamole as well. I serve it up as a side with a lot of things. My most favorite is taco salad with no chips, lots of lettuce (perfect for the crunch) and guacamole. It's also good on burgers and as a condiment on meat bowls - current favorite is ground meat sauteed with BBQ sauce and cheese and then I dip in guacamole.


Beware of some of the flavored yogurts with the Dannon and Yoplait brands as they can contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I prefer the all natural Chobani Greek Yogurt. Get the plain and add some granola and maybe some fresh fruit to it.


You could mix them into your Whey shake though if you want something different .. don't over do them though as too many can be bad for you due to high Potassium levels ... 2-3 a day is plenty they have about 100-120 cals each depending on size and if they are green they have mostly starchy complex carbs and if yellow to black they are mostly simple sugars ie fructose


Pistachios are good since you said you like them. They are high in fiber, vitamin E, and low in sat. fats. Almonds and walnuts are also good. Also, good idea getting rid of the bagel as meals (probably has a pretty bad ingredients list) You may also want to look into Wasa oat crackers and use them as a meal with tuna or chicken on top.


Olive oil has a lot of monounsaturated fat in it. This kind of fat has been shown to indirectly increase testosterone levels. It is also good for bulking because it offers a relatively high amount of calories/amount consumed. Think of these kinds of fats as laxatives for your cardiovascular system. I recommend consuming one to two servings of olive oil a day.


Saturated fat helps elevate test levels, so if you're on a bulk eat up, don't worry too much about the fat content unless you are getting to where your diet is 50% fat or something obscene like that.


It has the highest natural levels of creatine and amino acids, if you want to get big look to the cattle.


Whole eggs all the way. The calories are only one point, the fat and cholesterol help build tissue and hormones and actually help keep body fat under control. The yolk has half the protein in the egg as well plus most of the micro-nutrients. If you can, get your eggs from a small farmer that keeps his chickens outdoors.

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