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How To Gain Muscles? 3 Golden Rules To Gain Muscle And Weight
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Is the question "How to Gain Muscles?" constantly on your mind? Are you getting buried under a storm of information overload on this topic? Are you irritated with your slow progress in the gym?

If the answer to the above questions is YES, then you are most likely not following the 3 golden rules of muscle-building. If you optimize these essential aspects, you will see great results towards building a muscular physique. To learn how to gain muscles, read on!

  • How To Gain Muscles? Golden Rule # 1: What You Eat Is What You Get

I can already hear people asking how I can include diet and not exercise as the first golden rule. In reality, diet is THE MOST vital aspect of muscle-building. Vince Gironda, the world famous muscle-building expert, had even said once that 80 % of your muscle gains are due to diet alone.

A proper, nutritious diet is an absolute must to gain muscle and weight. There are two aspects to a diet plan. The first aspect is the timing of your meals. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, aim at eating 5-7 times a day. This keeps a steady stream of “fuel” flowing into your system to build those muscles. However, this does not mean, eating junk food and stuffing yourself. What to eat is the second important component of your diet.

There are three basic categories of foods that you need to plan into your diet. The three major foods are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

The most important food group of these is protein. Proteins are the actual muscle building blocks and trying to build muscle without increasing protein intake is like trying to build a house without bricks. Fish, eggs, whey and pulses are a great source of protein.

The next important food group is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the actual fuel for powering your fitness regime. However, not all carbs are the same. Carbohydrates from whole grain breads and porridges, beans etc are the ones you should be aiming for while any carbs that you get from processed foods, simple sugars, colas etc should be avoided.

Finally, you need to plan for fats. Contrary to popular opinion, all fat is not bad for you. In fact some amount of fat is actually required for the proper functioning of the human body. The fats that are bad for you come from saturated fats. These are mainly animal fats. Fats like olive oil, flaxseed oil etc are unsaturated fats and are actually good for you and should be included in your diet.

  • How To Gain Muscles? Golden Rule # 2: Workout Those Muscles!

A good workout regimen includes a great deal of planning. Unplanned and haphazard gym sessions will sabotage your muscle and weight gain goals faster than you can say Arnold Schwarzenegger. A good workout program has a proper balance of cardio, weight training, and bodyweight exercises. For good muscle gain, planned, high intensity workouts with a gradual increase in difficulty are the key.

  • How To Gain Muscles? Golden Rule # 3: All Work and No Rest Keeps Jack a Skinny Guy

Do you really think the human body packs on muscle when you are pounding iron in the gym? Heck No! The muscle gain happens when you are resting. Rest is the most often overlooked aspect of gaining muscle and weight. Without proper rest, you are doomed to failure. Getting rest comes in two different categories. The first is sleeping at night. You need at least six hours of good sleep every night to allow your body to rebuild itself. You also need enough rest between workouts. Give yourself at least twenty hours between workouts. This will give your body the most chance to rebuild itself.

Following these golden rules properly is the fastest way to gain muscles and weight fast. I hope this article helped in answering your question of "How to Gain Muscles?"

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