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How To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast For The Skinny Guy
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Are you a skinny guy or better known in gym speak as a hard gainer? If you are then make sure you know your body type because more than likely you are an ectomorph. This means, there are very specific ways for you to gain weight and muscle quickly.

Are you eating a ton of junk food each day trying to pack on the pounds? If you are that’s a huge mistake. Like most skinny guys you have noticed that you can eat a lot and not put on a pound, and this is the reason you turned to junk food thinking you can put on weight by consuming a lot of fat.

This will not help and only hurt you especially when you workout. You will not get the proper nutrition that will allow you to put the intensity into your workout that will help with muscle gain.

Massive Calories

Your body burns calories at a much faster rate than the average guy. So you combat this with healthy food and a lot of it. The average guy eats between 1800 and 2500 calories a day maintain muscle mass and stay fit.

You have to eat at least 700-1000 more calories a day than that. Start with this calculation (23 times total body weight) to figure out how many calories you eat per day. Example: you weigh 150 pounds times 23 equals 3450.

That is the amount of calories you should shoot for, this how you will gain weight. This is not exact science so you can tweak this as you go, but you need a place to start.

Get this by eating six meals a day, not snacks, meals. I know this is a lot but it is necessary for the skinny guy to gain weight. If you can’t eat that much when you first start out, build up to it.

The Right Workout

If you are skinny guy you need to be doing a full body ectomorph workout. This means hitting all muscle groups each workout with compound exercises.

Compound exercises will get the joint and muscle groups working at the same time. Forget isolation exercises like concentration curls. They only affect on joint your elbow and one muscle you bicep.

A compound exercise like squats get several joints ankles, knees, hips, and muscle groups quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core involved. These are the types of exercises that will get a skinny guy gaining muscle faster than you though possible.

You can’t follow the workout routines you see trainers in the gym putting people through. If they are trying to do this with you then they don’t understand your body type and you will only end up hurting your gains, if you see any.

The key for a skinny guy to gain weight and muscle fast, is first the workout must answer the ectomorph or skinny guy’s issues and needs.

Second and more important than that is proper diet. If your body is not getting the right fuel then it is useless to even begin to workout.

Of course these are just the basics to get you on the right track. Along with the proper diet you need to know how much to eat of each food group, when to eat, and why.

Along with the right workout and this is very important for the skinny guy is how much rest, what is the right rep count, how long should a workout be, and how do I put it

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