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How To Get Fit Fast
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Want to learn how to get fit fast? After years of training, I decided that it was time to take a more scientific approach to my workout routine. If you don't get scientific, you get caught up with the gym chatter and all the various opinions that get you limited results.

First and foremost, muscle growth has to do protein synthesis, and with an increase of hydration and nutients, a person can experience less breakdown of proteins needed for development. There is absolutely no replacement for the proper diet for exercise. 80% of growth in the gym starts with measures taken outside of the gym through your diet. If you want to learn how to get fit fast your first step needs to be your eating.

Protein is essential for muscle development and it has a greater theramic effect than fats and carbs. Simply put, metabolism is sparked by proteins. Another factor is good fats. Good fats help burn body fat and also used as energy.

Carbohydrates are the hardest to burn but the body needs good carbs for energy. It is highly important to stay away from sugars. I always say, "sugar is the enemy", let me explain why. Sugar increases your insulin, and while the body cannot live without insulin, too much of it is not a good thing. Insulin tells the body to store fat, so whatever is not used for energy, is used as an instrument to create a pudgy figure.

The second part of learning how to get fit fast is what you know about physical exercise. You cannot think of your gym life like you do the rest of your life. For instance, normal life says more is better. This just simply isn't the case when it comes to exercise. I see guys and girls training for literally hours each and every night. This is just stupid. Sorry, I have to be blunt. Once the muscle is broken down, move on because over-training actually has a negative effect on muscle development. 30-45 minutes of weight training is enough.

You should move quickly through your routine to acheive a higher intensity workout. You can achieve excellent cardio benefits as well as strength training if you have the right workout. No need to take long breaks between sets. The perfect rest time in between sets is 30-45 seconds, especially when you learn how to take full advantage of how to get ripped fast, through the perfect workout.

The third part of learning how to get ripped fast is stretching. Stretching will compromise your muscle strength so do all your stretching at the end of your workout. I stretch for 15-20 minutes after my workouts. Stretching actually allows for more blood flow and nutrients to the muscle, which in turn helps develop larger muscles.

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