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How To Grow Muscle Fast
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Are you tired of the results you are getting in the gym.?Are you not getting the muscle growth and strength you desire.?Well don't worry you are not alone.You see there are certain secrets to training that most people don't know about.I used to be the same as you,i followed every program in these muscle building books and magazines, followed every workout routine of gym owners and gym rats but i still could not get the results i wanted.Sound familiar.

Well let me tell you there are certain secrets to training that most people don't know. Only when i started following certain principles did i start getting the results in muscle growth and strength that i always wanted.

1.How long should your workouts last.?Studies have shown that your workouts should not be longer than 45 minutes per session and definitely not longer than 1 hour.The reason for this is that your growth hormone and testosterone levels peak at about 45 minutes and start to decrease after this period which means any work done after this is actually detrimental to your progress.

2.Rep Speed.How fast should you perform your reps.?Fast or Slow.?Seems if you want to stimulate muscle growth it is best to perform your reps fast as you can handle more weight and this means more overload on the muscle and more growth.Reps should still be performed under control and with proper form to avoid injury.

3.Body part training frequency.?Each body part should be trained at least 3 times per week as muscle starts to break down after 72 hours.You should actually rather be worried about undertraining than overtraining.

4.Rest period between sets.?If you want to stimulate muscle growth your goal should be to fatigue the muscle by resting a maximum of 45 seconds to 1 minute per set,which will stimulate the most amount of muscle fibres.If your goal is to ganin strength,other principles will apply which will be discussed below.

In order to explain these principles further there is a workout routine that i want to discuss with you called the Titan Training Manual developed by Leo Costa Jnr. and Russ Horine.Titan Training consists of the following principles namely:Power Traning,Endurance Training and Muscle Rounds.

1.Power Training:This involves pyramiding the weight for each body part and exercise with specific rest periods inbetween sets.

2.Endurance Training:Utilizing high reps of 12-15 and using compound movements for body parts with little or no rest in between sets.

3.Muscle Rounds:This is probably the most revolutionary concept of this program which uses a form of rest pause training where you pick a weight with which you can do 8-10 reps to failure and then do 4 reps,resting for 10 seconds and then repeating the whole cycle 6 times which then counts as one set.

All these factors combined gives you maximum muscle growth, strength and endurance,muscle density and a more robust look to your physique. This program can be tough and is not for the faint hearted though.

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