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Mens Fitness After Sixty
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Mens Fitness After Sixty

Though an older guy exiting a Gym, when asked why he bothers with such activity, will tell you that they do it because it makes them feel better. In fact, a big part of "why" is that it makes them look better! When a Nineteen year old asks me how it feels to be sixty, I answer honestly and say, 'It feels just like you feel now.

The older body houses a nineteen year old with all the urges and desires that come with that age. So, improving the external aspect of that finely aged body while the internal health takes care of itself is the real mission here! The workout plan needs to be custom tailored to a specific, anticipated result.

If you have only vague Ideas about why you are doing all this stuff, you will get vague results down the road without question. That is the most important reason for the whole Mens health and fitness focus. Nothing esoteric here!

Balance of proportion, and symmetry: The meanings of these terms are second nature to the bodybuilders of yesterday. Today they are forgotten and left by the wayside by trainers who want to turn out cloned would-be-champions based on a set of rigid physical specifications.

Notice that all of todays body builders are almost carbon copies of each other? That is because they are all under 6 feet tall, have extremely long waists short arms and legs and narrow pelvic reagions. Somebody decided that particular look was the only acceptable one for a champion. This is a new thing! It is also why there are no more Schwartzeneggars or Zanes in the making today.

As 19 year olds presently housed in 60+ year old bodies, we are more interested in the older, more accommodating view bodybuilding sport. It is still pleaseing to the eye today.

The Modern X frame: What makes an overweight man look unattractive and even comical? We see things in a set of mathematical proportions that are locked into our brains by the time we are born. They are the human estimate of the Fibonocci equation! The formula that is the basis for every form of life on this planet.

When proportion is not within the guidelines hardwired into our brains, we are not pleased with the picture. The great Comedic Actor John Cleese used this amazing phenomenon for the basis of his masterwork, "The Human Face". When the mathematical proportion is as it was entended to be, the human observer is pleased.

What is referred to as the bodybuilders X frame is a direct result of that old equation. It just means that we like to see the outer extremities of the human body in a closer in percentage diameter, to the Trunk section. This is how we will be setting up our exercise program. Developing mass in the extremaities while working the central portion down. Hence, we produce the X shape, or as close to that as we can get! We are looking for sex after sixty, right?

We accomplish the above feat by working the forearms and calves with very heavy weight and using very high repetition lightweight exercises on the torso. This sound weird, but the effect is quite amazing.

Calves receive very a tough workout every day, because the muscles are loaded with slow-twitch fibres (so you can walk for miles!). Seated Calf Raises or soleus raises develop the outside heads of the calf biceps and standing calf raises tend to bulk and tone the upper calf.

The Arms! everybody's favorite body male muscle group. Forearms, should be worked heavy because they will be a major component of the X frame view. we are making the outer parts larger so that the inner reagion appears smaller.

A well developed arm is automatically centered on the Biceps (Bi, as in Two!) This two muscle group is only 25% of your arm. the size of a mans arm comes from the triceps (as in three)which make up the other 75% of your arm muscles. They are the area most overlooked by the guy who owns them but noticed by others. Arm work should be concentrated on the triceps first and foremost! The biceps are a follow up at best. Heavy weight workout in this area, so usually only one or two times per week is enough for this group.

Generally speaking, The most important aspects of your gym workouts should be; form, posture and the complete extension and contraction of the muscle being worked. If you want to be a built, but stoop shouldered guy, then do your exercise with that posture! If you want full advantage, always keep the back straight, shoulders back and eyes forward. When using machines remember that your purpose is not to defeat the machine but to work your chosen muscle group. Bad posture, short muscle extension and using the body for leverage will defeat your purpose completely. Who knows, you might become a male fitness model yet!

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