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Party Hard And Gain Muscle?
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Party Hard And Gain Muscle?

Let’s face it, we all love cutting loose and getting hammered every now and then. We’re guys, and if you’re in your twenties, your friends probably want to go out and be ridiculous at least once every weekend. But at what cost? Does drinking excessively, even just once a week, hurt your gains that you busted your butt all week in the gym for? It’s time for you to know the truth.

Time to break it down. As you probably know, alcohol is toxin. This toxin is responsible for blocking out nutrients to your cells, dehydrating your body, and making your liver work extremely hard. Your blood pressure shoots up, estrogen is released into your blood stream, and testosterone production goes way down. Does this sound like a good environment to build muscle?

1) Blocking of Nutrients

In order for your muscle to repair, it needs minerals, vitamins, energy, and protein. As I mentioned before, alcohol inhibits your cells from absorbing these essential nutrients effectively. When it comes to muscle growth, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron are all crucial. When these minerals are not in abundance for the muscle to use, repairing of the micro-fibers is very limited.

2) Dehydration of Your Body

Your body is 85% water. Looking at this stat alone, it’s pretty clear that water is critical for repairing muscle. The worst part about drinking excessively throughout the night is that we don’t realize we’re so dehydrated! Not to mention massive amounts of alcohol is often mixed with intense dancing causing you to sweat. Now not only are you depriving your body of water, but you’re excreting it out like a tightly rung spounge!

3) Release of Estrogen

When a large amount of alcohol is consumed, testosterone in male bodies can plummet as far as 25%. This is detrimental for your muscle gains. Due to this dramatic dip in testosterone, your body starts to work really hard to release LH. LH is released in the body in order to naturally boost up your testosterone levels. The problem here is that your testosterone levels don’t climb, just your LH (which makes us guys feel horny) and estrogen does.

This can result in what’s known as “bitch tits.” For those who drink a lot on a regular basis, the release of estrogen is a strong contributing factor as to why they gain fat cells so easily. What’s more, binge drinking can lower IGF-1 by up to 42%! As you probably know, IGF-1 (insulin like growth hormone-1) is a very important hormone for building muscle. I trained with the best workout routine to gain muscle and I still felt my gains being limited because of this.

4) Empty Calories

The negative effect of alcohol doesn’t stop there. You will find plenty of empty calories in alcohol. For example, in a one ounce shot of tequila there are 102 EMPTY calories. I stress the work empty because these calories are literally useless. You cannot use them as an effective fuel. They can very easily be transformed into fat cells in your body.

Because of all of these contributing factors, protein synthesis (the rebuilding of muscle strands) is reduced by 20% So this means that just from that one night of drinking, only 80% of the muscle that is still under repair will be complete. If this is just one night out of a month or two, this isn’t a big deal. But since your muscles take a full week to recover, there are a lot of muscle strands that can be left behind if you drink excessively every weekend! The whole point to training with the best workout routine to gain muscle is to maximize protein synthesis.

So you’ve been working out hard for the last two months, and you’ve seen some great gains in those two months. Congratulations! This must mean you’re one of the few people that can build lots of muscle while partying like Mick Jagger right? Wrong! You’re just 80% of what you could’ve been. Can you imagine what your gains would’ve been like if you had the additional 20%?

The take away message of this article is this. Be a hermit and don’t enjoy life. I’m joking of course. Don’t worry about having a few drinks on the weekend, just don’t pound back the beer like a Viking after a dominating pillage. If you absolutely have to get plastered, limit yourself to once a month. This alone will really help you make those extra gains that you have been hindering.

Here are some more helpful ideas to keep your muscles rebuilding while under the influence.

1) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Throughout the night, be sure to have a glass of water after every second drink. Don’t worry, this will not sober you up! That’s a myth that was busted by the mythbusters (the best way to sober up is cardiovascular exercise). This will just keep your body hydrated enough to tolerate your bad behavior. This is especially important if you’re an energetic drunk and/ or like to dance. The best workout routines to gain muscle always stress the importance of water.

When you get home, drink more water! Better yet, get yourself an energy flask. These water filtering devices give your water a PH balance of 7. Having the right balance of acidity and alkaline means better absorption for your body. Also, they help filter out the chlorine, infuse the water with copper magnesium and other esstential minerals, and ionize the water molecules. I have one of these and they are great. You can find them at almost any health food store.

2) Consume Protein

Before you call it a night, be sure to pound back a quality low carb protein shake. This will help give your body the building blocks it needs to repair your annihilated muscle fibers. If you can through some eggs and cheese in there as well (and I don’t mean in the shake itself) that’d be a great help too. Cheese has a protein called casein. The beauty about casein is that it takes the longest to process making it perfect for before bed snacks.

3) Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Since alcohol reduces testosterone by up to 25%, it’s important to bounce that hormone back up to natural levels. One great way to do this is by consuming a natural testosterone booster roughly 45 minutes before bed. There are many products that do this for you but you can also eat certain foods that accomplish the same task.

Raw broccoli is a great natural testosterone booster. Also since pumpkin seeds contain so much zinc they are also quite effective. Extra virgin olive oil is another food that will help to get the job done. The easiest way though of course is to just bite the bullet and go to your local health food store and pick up a quality testosterone booster. ZMA comes recommended by many bodybuilders and nutritionists.

Hopefully you now realize the detrimental effects that alcohol can have on your gains. Even if you’re training with the best workout routine to gain muscle, you will still be missing out on the extra 20%. This 20% can make all the difference. Don’t be a fool, limit your intake of alcohol. If you must, restrict your nights of getting obliterated to once a month. Your body will thank you and your self-respect will thank you since there will be less embarrassing pictures posted on facebook.

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