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Skinny Guy Workout For Hardgainers That Are Tired Of Not Gaining Weight
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Skinny Guy Workout for Hardgainers That Are Tired Of Not Gaining Weight

Is it depressing to see the same number staring back you on the scale, morning after morning? After the countless weeks to months of overeating and hours in the gym you still see that same number. Most skinny guy workouts are the same saying overeat, take this hardgainer shake three times a day and so on.

There are names for the different builds of people. The ectomorph: The classic hardgainer, he has trouble putting on weight and muscle. His fast metabolism hinders his weight gain. Ectomorphs most times have a weak and fragile frame. So we are not looking at a linebacker here. The good thing for ectomorphs is they have no problems staying lean. The body build is mesomorphs they are athletic and cut. They gain muscle more easily than ectomorphs but also gain fat more easily. They are strong and usually have rectangular shaped bodies. And then theres the endomorphs the "husky" guys of the trio. They are generally short and stocky and can gain muscle and fat fairly easily. They have a slow metabolism and find it hard to lose weight.

You are probably an ectomorph since you are reading this article. There are many skinny guy workouts out there that say take this supplement for a few weeks and you"ll gain weight. This is certainly not true if you want to gain primarily muscle.

A few tips for you hardgainers out there:

1. Restrict your time in the gym.

The more time you spend working out the more precious calories your burning. Limit your workout to three full body workouts a week.

2. Drink Water.

Everybody always goes on about drink more water but it is the lubricant we utilize to function throughout the day. So drink more water. Aim for at least two liters. I carry a two liter jug with a handle everyday. I'm known as the health nut lol but who cares.

3. Drink protein shakes no more than twice a day.

You can't beat whole foods so restrict your shakes to twice a day preferably pre and post workout.

4. Adequate rest every night.

In order to recover from workout to workout our body needs to heal. Skinny guys workout three times a week using full body workouts.

Think of your body as a house. There are walls and maybe some windows in your house. Unless your home is a prison. When we beast in the gym we are tearing down these walls and with nutrition and proper rest we are building these walls back up. Sleep is important in recovery and your body producing the hormones like testerone and hgh to build back up your house.

A good example of a skinny guy workout would be training in the gym three times a week using full body workouts. This is especially good for hardgainers because it leaves you with more time to eat and recover between workouts. For some people, gaining weight or fat is as simple as eating what they normally eat.

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