The Animal Pak Can Help Improve Your Nutrition
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The Animal Pak Can Help Improve Your Nutrition

When you lift weights do any type of strength training or extreme workout you have totally different nutritional needs compared to average person. In order to take your training program to an optimum level and prevent a long recovery times you need to look into a great multi-vitamin. This is where Universal Nutrition Animal Pak comes in. Animal Pak isn’t a powder blend that you mix in water or one pill it consists of 11 tablets that will help you perform at an optimum level day in and day out.

The Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has been around since 1983 and is a leader in the supplement industry. The Animal Pak offers everything you could possibly need to reach peak performance. Although every supplement does have its good and bad points, the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has proven itself in over the past 25 years and is used by both male and female athletes. As others have come and gone on the market, the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has remained. Based on research and investigation, you’ll find my review on Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement. I include all of the positive and negative points so you’ll have a clear understanding of the product and if it is right for you.

Positive Results

• Unisex supplement

• Decrease in soreness after lifting

• Quick recovering after intense workout

• No jitters

• No crashing

• No sleep problems

• Energy levels increase 30 minutes after taking tablets

• Works well even without a meal plan

• Formulated for both amateur and professional weight lifters and bodybuilders

• No artificial ingredients

Negative Results

• There are a lot of tablets to take (11 tablets per pack)

• Difficulty in swallowing some of the larger tablets

• Heartburn experience after taking tablets

• Headaches

• Body acne

• Dark, malodorous urine

• Cold like symptoms such as runny nose, cough, congestion, lethargic and nauseated

• There was no changes noticed in energy levels or recovery rates

With over 70 key ingredients, the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is timed released for optimal performance. Each Pak is broken down into 11 time-released tablets, which provides you key supplements such as vitamins, minerals, performance nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. Each of the time-released tablets is formulated specifically for intense workouts including weight lifting and bodybuilding. The Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is designed for both elite athletes and anyone looking to get into great shape. You will find this product has no starch, sugar or artificial preservatives.

A few drawbacks are that there are a lot of tablets, 11 total in the pack. So if you have a difficult time swallowing pills then these might not be right for you. Some people have also experienced a few side affects including heartburn, headaches and body acne. But if you consume them properly with a meal then you can avoid many of these affects

The Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is a formulated blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals; the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak feeds muscles for growth with carbs and essential fatty acids. Basically, you will find everything you possibly need in a supplement in the Pak.


• B-Complex

B-Complex contains eight B vitamins. These vitamins are important for your metabolic process. They convert food into energy and maintain a healthy function of your nervous system.

• Lipotropic

Lipotropic works with the B-Complex to increase your energy levels, speeds up your metabolic rate for weight loss, and assists you with recovery after an intense workout.

• C-Complex

Vitamin C not only aides you in maintaining a healthy immune system, but it promotes collagen, wound healing, adrenal hormone production and serves as an antioxidant.

• Vitamin E

Vitamin E cannot be produced by the human body. It functions an antioxidant and decreases any inflammation, circulatory irregularities and nighttime leg cramping you may experience.

• Minerals

Below is a list of important minerals and their functions:

• Potassium is found in the cells of muscles and helps your body regulate sodium and water levels.

• Cooper is involved in the oxygen transport and utilization during your intense workouts.

• Phosphorus decreases blood lactic acid levels during your extreme exercising.

• Selenium (sodium selenite) regulates your body fluids.

• Chromium assists insulin to transport glucose, fatty acids and amino acids into cells.

• Zinc is lost during your extreme bodybuilding and weight lifting training sessions. It is important for growth.

• Calcium is one of the most important minerals you need as a weight lifter and bodybuilder as it is part of muscular contraction. Women should be aware that estrogen levels could have a direct effect on calcium levels in their bodies.

• Magnesium is vital to increase your quadriceps and strength.

• Amino Acids

Below is a list of important amino acids and their functions:

• Histidine plays a key role in the growth and repair of your body’s tissue.

• Lysine is used for calcium absorption, which promotes the use of your fat as energy and muscle and bone growth.

• Phenylalanine simply makes you feel good by stimulating the nerve system and creating motivation.

• Methionine will break down and use your fat within your body.

• Valine (BCAAS/EAA) is responsible for the maintenance and repair of your body tissues. It also manufactures new body tissues.

• Leucine is multifunctional. It grows and repairs your skeletal muscle and skin tissue. It also regulates your blood sugar levels.

• Isoleucine is considered the wound healer and is very similar to Leucine. It regulates your blood sugar levels, promotes wound healing and muscle recovery.

• Threonine creates collagen and elastin while maintaining protein balance within your body.

• Vitamin A

Vitamin A aids in the healing and repair of your body tissues and regulates your body’s immune system.

• Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for muscle growth. It is important for your immune health, increase strength and absorption of calcium.

• Ginseng

Ginseng is known for the ability to increase your endurance and to assist your body during high stress levels such as weight lifting.

How you feel when Taking Animal Pak:

With continual use you can expect to feel better overall and more energized. It will also provides metal clarity and more focus so it could help you during your workday. The additional focus will also allow you to push yourself even harder during a training session. It also helps with post workout recovery. After an intense workout you’ll recover much faster and you won’t be as sore as long without taking it. So if you a looking for these types of improvement then you should make the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak part of your daily supplement routine. These will actually make you feel better and you’ll be pumped and ready for each training session. Then you’ll find yourself pushing yourself harder and lifting more. I have been taking a stack of multi-vitamin which can be vary expensive after doing this research I’m seriously considering the switch to Animal Pak.


The Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is used by serious weight lifters and athletes, like us, for over 25 years. Although other workout supplemental products have come and gone on the market, the Pak has proven to stand the test of time. It is consistently reliable in providing excellent supplements, which provide increased energy, focus and the ability to bounce back from intense workouts. If you need a great supplement to improve your overall performance, listen to me and take a look at the Universal Nutritional Animal Pak. You can thank me later!

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