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The Athlete In Me
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During the late 1960, I began to train with friends for track and field events. After a short period I fell in love with the 100 metre. It was not long afterward, that I decided to compete in a track event, at the Queen Elizabeth Sports in Nassau,Bahamas. On the day of the event, I performed the basic warm up exercise and then proceeded to the starting block.

As we listened to the rules from the race instructor the pressure and stress of competition began to melt away. And as the race started I was out in front of the pack, but as the race came to the end, my competitors caught up with me, and a few passed me by. I finished in third. My coach told me, not to worry, you could beat them next time, with weights in your workout.

On my first day at the Gym, my coach provided me with a Leg routine, which was to build strength, power and speed in my legs. After about a month working my legs, I switch to my upper body and worked that area for a month, but the visual results were not the same. The biceps, Shoulder, Chest and Back muscles displayed enormous developement.

The guys at the gym, told me I must compete, I was looking better in muscle growth, than guys who had competed before. Friend where I worked noticed the changes in my physique and encouraged me. As I continued to train my interest in Track and Field began to change. I had began to fall in love with the sport of Bodybuilding, which gave me confidence and a new high of invincible, a feeling I never experience before, I felt good and I never became sick or suffered from ache and pain that my friends complained about.

It was during 1970, that I decided to enter my first Bodybuilding contest, I went on a split training routine, working upper chest muscles in the morning, and legs in the evening. During that time the competitors stood side by side in three divisions, Heavyweight, Middleweight and Lightweight. At the time of my first contest drew near, I was confident and felt that I would do well, but the results were average, I placed in fourth, and there was no change in my placing for the next five years No matter how hard I trained, I just did not win. The other guys were just better that me.

One day my brothers sat down with me to chat, and ask me, how much more beating I was going take in this event. What my brothers failed to realize was this was a sport that I enjoyed and loved. What so amazing about my situation was I believed that if I tweaked my training and changed my diet the outcome would not be the same. What I did not know then was genetically my body physical traits, were more suitable for another sport.

During the 1980 the Bahamas Bodybuilding Federation introduced the sport of Power lifting. We were all encourage by the President of the Federation to learn the lifts and compete. I was really not interested in the Power lifting, but I was good at it. I was so good, that for next five years that I competed, I won, every event I entered, won the overall trophy and set lifting record that lasted for over twenty years. Genetically the sport of Power lifting easy for me, but Bodybuilding was the sport that I loved, and could not win. I think there is a lesson to learn here from my sport history. Ability should always be the barometer for selecting a sporting event that you want to excelled in.

As the sport began to flourished, the standard and performance of our athlete moved to a higher level. We have competed at International Championship in many countries, and the Bahamas have a Bronze and Silver medal. The sport of Bodybuilding and Power lifting continues to grow and improve even though I am no longer it's President.

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Good job! Today I was remembering about sports and the people I know who have taken sports to such great levels. Remembering meeting Lance Armstrong, too, at a Nike stockholders meeting. From what I've gathered, he wasn't as he sure seemed to be that day I met him. O well. I guess we all make our own kinds of mistakes... I sure have made my own unique collection of them mysefl. Thanks for an insight into the athlete in me and you! Fun article. Well done.

  about 9 years ago
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