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The Mental Challenge Of Getting A Six Pack
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The process of getting six pack abs can be very daunting and poses a challenge for all who make the attempt. There are two widely acknowledged components to earning this ultimate mark of physical fitness, the exercise part and the diet element. However there is a third and possibly most important piece of the puzzle that is generally overlooked or glossed over.

Gaining a six pack can be a long and grueling process, depending upon the starting point. To lose the fat necessary to properly show off the abdominal muscle group, the safe target is about an average of 2 pounds of loss a week. This means if 20 pounds need to be lost, the process can up to 10 weeks. That is 10 weeks of staying tightly focused on both the diet and exercise plan.

Generally, in order to effectively work a diet and exercise plan, a high level of intensity, almost obsession must be maintained. This of course is highly dependent on the starting point and personal habits of the individual prior to the initiation of the plan. A person who had poor eating habits or was not as physically active may have more issues keeping on track that someone who was eating right and leading an active lifestyle.

Make no mistake about it, unless a high level of focus is maintained on the goal of achieving six pack abs and keeping within the diet and exercise plan, the goal may just never be attained. But there are ways to maintain interest and excitement even through the long grind that is the process to attain the goal. Here are a few tips on keeping up with the mental challenge of getting six pack abs:

  • Visualize – Try and keep reminders of your goal in front of you. Post pictures around you which will remind you of the power and intensity of your desire to achieve your goal.
  • Reminders – While some trainers believe that measuring your weight on a daily basis is simply a waste of time, because the muscle gain will offset some of the fat loss, so the weight target is one that is changing all the time. The only important goal is how you look and feel. However, by jumping on the scale every morning, you are reminded of your goals and objectives.
  • Support – Get your family and friends involved! Let people who support you know about your goal of attaining six pack abs and ask them to help you be accountable. Understand, this means when they call you on times when you are doing things contrary to your goal, you can’t get angry. Not only will their support and encouragement help, but the accountability you feel having made the commitment to those you care about most will be another inspiration to maintaining your plan.

While earning six pack abs may not be the most challenging goal you ever set for yourself, because of the fact that it will take weeks at best to achieve, the mental aspect of attempting and achieving this goal must not be overlooked. But use the hints above and make this goal the most important thing in your life for those weeks you are striving for it and you are bound to succeed!

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