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Top 10 Secrets To Building 6 Pack Abs
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Top 10 Secrets to Building 6 Pack Abs

Building chiseled 6-pack abs is on the top of the list for many guys. The problem is that revealing those hard worked 6-pack abs beneath a layer of fat can seem like an impossible task. You can do as many ab exercises as you like, starve yourself or spend hours on the treadmill in the hopes of revealing your six pack but unless you follow these top 10 secrets below you'll never be able to reveal your six pack abs.

1 - Don't Avoid Consuming Fats

Not all fats are created equally. In fact some fats are absolutely essential for optimum health. You should focus on consuming more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats as they lower your risks of getting heart disease. On the other hand since we're getting more than the recommended intake of saturated fats we should lower our intake as excess saturated fats is linked to an increased risk for heart disease.

2 - Try Different Protein Sources

Consuming different protein sources will help to improve muscle growth, absorption and digestion. Try your best to not consume the same protein source more than twice per day. Switch your protein dishes such as ground beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, scallops, shellfish or venison everyday. Try this out and you'll notice the difference in your health and wellbeing.

3 - Avoid A High-Carbohydrate Breakfast

Have you ever experienced the sensation of feeling sleepy and lethargic straight after a big meal? This maybe a result of consuming a high-carb meal which triggers a big insulin response and elevates the neurotransmitter serotonin which in turn leads to a plummet in energy levels. Nothing more can be more troublesome than going to work feeling lethargic and sleepy after consuming a breakfast full of carbohydrates.

If you want to avoid this problem you should start the day off with a high protein meal with low to moderate carbs. This in turn will provide a moderate insulin response, which promotes a steady blood sugar level, You'll also feel more focused and energetic. Try it tomorrow. Try some scrambled egg on whole grain bread with a slice of cooked chicken breast and hot sauce and you're set!

4 - Avoid Drinking Your Calories

If you're consuming protein shakes then try not to consume more than one a day when it comes to fat loss and that's straight after a workout session. Remember, if you want to look good and feel solid, rely on solid food!

5 - Avoid Training Too Long With Cardio

If you want to get those coverted 6-pack abs then you must focus on short and intense workout rather than long, slow cardio. If you check out the physiques of marathon runners compared to sprinters you'll notice that not only are sprinters packing on more muscle than marathon runners they are also carrying less fat than them as well. Sprinters are known to have six pack abs as compared to marathon runners who maybe carrying a little extra fat around their midsection.

6 - Avoid Your Focus Being Broken

Building 6-pack abs requires total dedication to diet and training. If your focus is broken then you're setting yourself back a couple of days. The first three to four weeks of fat loss training are often hard since you'll barely notice any differences with your body. Between 15% and 10% body fat, there's not much of a difference in how your body looks but hang in there, as you go below 10% body fat you'll start to see dramatic results as your 6-pack abs slowly reveal themselves.

7 - Ab Training Frequency Is Based On Your Goals

If your goal is to have freaky, eye-popping 6-pack abs then try to train them six times a week. If however your goal is to have only a strong midsection with less emphasis on definition then you should train three times a week.

8 - Don't Worry About Muscle Loss

It's incredibly difficult for your body to lose muscle unless your body fat is so low that it can't supply the needs your body demands. If you focus on burning the fat off, 1% each week while avoiding starving yourself then you'll be fine.

9 - Time Your Carbohydrate Intake Appropriately

Carbohydrates should be consumed approximately four hours before you train, during your training session, an hour after your training session and four hours after you train. Rotating carbohydrate sources is not as critical as rotating your protein sources but you should at least switch your carbohydrate sources every so often. Rotate different types of rice (black, white and brown), oatmeal, quinoa, pasta, different types of bread and small amounts of fruit.

10 - Make Today Your Best Day

When it comes to building 6-pack abs, one trick that will help you get that perfect midsection sooner rather than later is to do your best in training, diet and recovery one day at a time. Take the one meal at a time approach and don't worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have enough problems of it's own. Focus on today!

Building those coverted 6-pack abs requires your upmost dedication and focus. There maybe times when you'll fail but if you have your eye on the goal you'll be able to get back on track and will eventually reach your goal. Following these top 10 secrets to building 6-pack abs will help you on your journey to 6-pack abs but you must remember to take action on them.

Street Talk

How does the change in protein source work? I've never heard that advice.

  about 1 decade ago

Not all protein sources are created equally as you have complete protein sources which contain all the essential amino acids and incomplete protein sources which contain only some of the essential amino acids. It is therefore recommended to try different protein sources so as to enhance protein absorption.

  about 1 decade ago

I would just add that it is weary important to choose your protein sources because as John said not all protein sources have same amino acids...for example, milk and cheese are full of casein..protein that has slow absorption..that is great for the night..because of slow absorption the dose of casein in blood stays longer high..which results with more muscles and muscles burn fat..more muscle more burning fat!

  about 9 years ago

Also eating different sources of protein means different source of other nutrition! Best example is beef, full of creating, and we all know the benefits of building muscle and endurance, which is great for cardio training and fat loss..and of course building muscle!

  about 9 years ago

Yes I'm much in the same boat as Kevin, my six pack has been packed into a plastic bag which I now carry in its place.

  about 1 decade ago

Good info and advice...I'm well past the age of needing six pac abs but don't need an extra tire around my middle either..I am mostly fit and healthy but definitely need more exercise.

  about 1 decade ago

By using simple abdominal exercises in conjunction with cardiovascular exercises you will be able to build a flatter and stronger midsection.

  about 1 decade ago

Agree on that with John, and just one thing to add, long cardio is not effective for fat has actually contra effect, because it burns a lot of muscle..and less muscle means lower burning fat after the training..muscles are big consumers of calories even when you are not training! Short intense cardio is in my opinion the best way to burn also prows that...and John is also writing about that in his article. Realizing that and of course the right diet is the first step for getting those six pack abs.

  about 9 years ago
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