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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review By A Physio Student/ Fitness Trainer
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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review By A Physio Student/ Fitness Trainer

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re skeptical and want to know if Visual Impact Muscle Building is just another scam.

So without beating around the bush, let me directly say that this program is NOT a scam. And this is coming from someone who specializes in clinical exercise physiology.

Over the course of my training career, I have tried several popular muscle building programs such as Muscle Maximizer, Insanity, and P90X. You name it. And the reason why I stuck to Visual Impact is because the author’s advice is backed by legitimate scientific evidence… without any of that “broscience” garbage.

Who is the Author?

Fitness expert Rusty Moore has designed this product and is the owner of the top fitness blog called Fitness Black Book and has designed other popular programs like Visual Impact Cardio and Abs Blueprint.

How It Works

Basically, this program is about getting the “Hollywood Body.” It’s about attaining that lean, fit, muscular physique rather than the bulky bodybuilder look. This program aims to obtain a body like Taylor Lautner’s or Ryan Reynolds, who are perfect examples of ideal Hollywood celebrities that the ladies go crazy for.

And the secret to attaining this physique, as quoted by Rusty:

“It isn’t the method of the resistance that matters…it is the volume, set and rep scheme”

The program is divided into 3 phases and uses a specific number of reps and resistance for each phase to ultimately obtain that lean, ripped physique that women are attracted to. Rusty also includes a bonus phase to achieve the "shrink wrap effect" which gives you that shredded appearance. I came across one helpful Visual Impact Muscle Building review that provided information on the individual phases and the specific rep schemes involved.

Is it a Scam?

Rusty digs into the science behind the different workouts and instructs you on how your body will adapt and respond to these exercises. The evidence behind his statements makes his course stand out from the rest since many other muscle building programs fail to provide the reasoning behind their claims.

What's Included?

Visual Impact Muscle Building comes complete with printable workout charts, exercise demonstrations, and a 227 page PDF document, with photos and full explanations on correct technique. Everything from learning what a muscle building set should "feel like" to understanding the difference between lifting heavy and light is described.

My Personal Experience

The majority of reviews out there are by people who have just read the manual but I have actually been through all 3 phases of the program. As a comparison, I was able to achieve better results with Visual Impact than P90x. I found that the workouts catered perfectly to athletes like myself since the course focuses on developing functional muscle rather than non-functional muscle. Essentially, I was able to increase my size but still maintain the speed and agility of my muscles.

Currently, I am going through phase 3 for a second time before my modeling show since it involves cutting weight but maintaining muscle mass to give that shredded appearance.


This course can certainly produce real results if you're willing to put in the effort. Even as a fitness trainer and Physiology student, I was still able to learn new things about anatomy, fitness, and nutrition from this program.

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