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Why Green Tea Is Considered As The Best Fat Burner Today!
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You are probably getting confused since there are now so many ingredients which claim that they are effective for weight loss. One of these ingredients is the green tea extract. One of the reasons why green tea is a good for burning fat is because it only has 4 calories in each serving and it has a lot of ingredients to help lose weight. Green tea has caffeine which is being used in a lot of fat burning products to improve the energy level and stimulate weight loss. It also serves as a natural and good suppressant. Another ingredient is the catechins. This is a good antioxidant to help protect the body from free radicals in the body that damage healthy cells.

Catechins have so many benefits when it comes to weight loss and these are:

It Speeds up Metabolism – This ingredient can improve your metabolism through the help of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process of changing calories into heat. Heat helps the body in burning fat and therefore losing weight.

It Regulates the Digestive System – these tea antioxidants normalize your digestive system and make you feel full faster and for longer time. It also helps in good digestion. This means that you are going to eat less and whatever it is that you will eat will be digested properly.

It regulates the glucose production – It is said that catechins can help normalizing your glucose. It slows down the level of blood sugar after eating a meal. The green tea has an anti-biotic feature which is the same as insulin. Another ingredient that is considered as a fat burner is EGCG. This helps in slowing down the digestive enzymes which break down carbohydrates. It also reduces the production of glucose which results to low levels of insulin and glucose.

It reduces the waist circumference and the fat all over the body – According to research, catechins can help reduce the circumference of the waist to around 4.5% and the weight of the body by 4.6%. It is also suggested that regular consumption of tea catechins for three months can help reduce body fat and weight.

Fat burner with green tea extract is definitely safer compared to other ingredients that you commonly found in weight loss products. These other products include many laxatives which can probably help you lose weight, but can also make you dehydrate. This only provide short-term outcome. Once you stopped consuming these supplements made from chemicals, you will surely gain weight once again. A tea supplement with good quality has pure tea extract and there is definitely no side effects. However, consuming it excessively can produce some side effects.

Those who are using green tea as a fat burner claim that they are having dizziness, headaches, dehydration or jittery. The symptoms mentioned are associated to the caffeine in tea. If you do not want to feel these side effects, you have to follow the instructions properly. Take only the proper amount of dosage to be taken for green tea .

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