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4 Important Features Of Green Building In Spokane
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As you might have discovered, there are varied definitions attached to this concept.

Basically, it makes use of construction methods, materials and designs that support a healthy and sustainable environment and protect the people’s health.

Whether you’re planning to retrofit or construct a new structure, here are the following features of green building that you should consider.

1: Location, location, location! Before you even think of the design, it’s important to find a suitable location first.

You have to remember that building construction will have a widespread impact, whether direct or indirect, on the site’s ecosystem.

The location will also affect energy consumption, mode of transportation, materials and home design.

2: Sustainability is important. A sustainable home uses materials that prevent resources exhaustion, negative environmental impacts (e.g. global warming), and protects the workers and homeowners’ health.

Materials should also be grown close to your vicinity—around 500 miles—and can grow at a rate that can meet the supply demands.

Aside from materials used, it’s also important that the home itself is designed for sustainability. It should control, reduce and maximize energy and water consumption.

For instance, it could use solar tubes to bring in natural lighting to your home. You could use wind or solar energy for electricity supply.

3: Use non-toxic materials and installation methods. Remember that these could affect your home indoor air quality, which could compromise your health.

In the 1980’s, workers were mysteriously getting sick whenever they’re inside the building premises.

It turns out that improper ventilation and toxic materials and cleaning solutions were the causes.

4: Reuse and Recycle. Remember that we’re trying to minimize wastage in green construction. If possible, reuse materials, like timber and glass tiles.

Some people even incorporate used glass bottles in their concrete walls.

But, more than anything else, it’s important to always consider how your materials will be used after the construction is done.

Green building is not only limited to the materials. It doesn’t have to be complicated, too.

If you already have a home, you can perform certain practices or install fixtures that will reduce your home’s water, lighting, heating and cooling consumption.

For instance, since the north side of the house receives more sunlight, you could use this to your advantage by placing windows there.

You could open your curtains during daytime to gather light and heat, and then close them at night to prevent heat loss. You could also plant trees to provide shade.

An LEED certification is often secured to prove that a structure is truly “green.” This certification is issued by the U.S. Green Building Council.

If possible, work with experts to make sure that what you’re building fits the standards and meets your goals, too.

Be part of the green movement. Go green with your home! Visit our website to get more helpful tips and information about green building and other home construction topics.

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