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Handyman vs Licensed Contractor - Knowing Which You Need

Some homeowners do not begin home repairs until the home situation gets really bad. It is a dumbing down effect where the gradual decay of things like a fence, roof or window ledges does not bother you after a while, at least not until water begins to come in through the ceiling or you want to sell the home. A real estate agent giving you his or her opinion on the shape of your home can be like someone dumping a bucket of cold water over you.

The best way to renovate is to begin with a triage system where you identify the things that need to be addressed immediately in the home repair realm like plumbing. After that you can make a list of renovations you would like to make in order that you can afford them.

Home Inspection

One of the best ways to get a good opinion of where you should start your home improvement repair is by having a certified inspector go through your home. This will cost around $300 but is well worth it because he or she will give you a list of the things that need to be done in order of importance, including many things that you may not see. And this will be an honest assessment since the inspector is a neutral party.

Many of the inspectors also can give you an energy audit as well. This may include a blower test where a tent is attached to the front door and a large fan sucks air out of the home. While this is going on air leaks can be heard like little whistles and by going though the house the inspector can point out areas of energy loss. Not only will this save you money in the long run, the changes you make may qualify you for an energy grant from the government.

Start Small

Even if the inspector has a must do immediately section of the report people only have so much money. Therefore, the best thing to do is start with the projects that you can afford. For example, if the home is drafty and cold putting more insulation in the attic and caulking around the windows is not a big expense at the home stores. And many of these types of projects are do-it-yourself ones even for people who are not that handy.

There also may be band aid solutions that can get you by until you have the money for bigger projects. For example, missing shingles or a leak in an old roof can be fixed by a roofer for a couple of hundred dollars which may tie you over a couple of years until you have the cash to redo the whole roof.

Do One Thing at a Time

Some homeowners attack the renovation process by starting in one place, like a bathroom, and then changing horses in mid-stream. This may be due to the fact that they have to wait a month for a drywall installer to complete the job and so the total time for the project may be two months. Rather than wait they start on another project like the kitchen and very soon they have two important places in the home that are out of commission. And this is not to mention the mess that is associated with two different renovations on the go.

Trusted Handy Guy is a full service repair and handyman service dedicated to getting your problem fixed perfectly in an extremely short amount of time.

For over 15 Years, we've served the community and have performed 1000's of small, medium, and large scale projects.

When you need someone you can trust to do it right the first time!

Call or text 289-427-5364



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Need a Door installed or some built in bookcases around your fireplace? How about a custom vanity or kitchen. If you want something custom made of wood then I can make it for you.

You can count on this contractor with an eye for detail

Are you looking for a contractor who takes pride in his workmanship, is easy to communicate with, understands deadlines?

Contact your Trusted Handy Guy today by email, text or call 905-317-7045

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Built-in cabinetry / kitchens,


Finished basements, and bathrooms,

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General - Plumbing, Electrical,

Leaky foundations,

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L7T1V4, Canada


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