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Creating The Illusion Of Success
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A marketing technique that is widely used for online promotions is creating the illusion of success or faking it until you make it. The ploy is used primarily by unscrupulous operators who know its easier to sell their get rich quick schemes if they can convince potential prospects that they have achieved the desired success they offer. People will anxiously listen to money making advice from Donald trump but reject the exact same advice from Joe Blow who obviously hasn't got a dime to call his own.

An excellent example of selling the illusion is the video promotions created by Vick Strizheus of Big Idea Mastermind fame. Vick devotes more time to showing off his fancy mansion and luxury cars than he does the actual opportunity he peddles. Why? Being a master salesman and very slick promoter he knows how effective creating the illusion of success is to achieving success with his scheme.

It always bothered me when I joined new money making programs and was provided with promotional materials that in effect claimed that I was making tons of money when I hadn't even made the first dime. I often tried to soothe my conscience with the rationale that it was understood that the claim belonged to the particular opportunity and was therefor justified. But that was back in the early days of my marketing career before I fully comprehended that promoting someone else's scam makes you a scammer too. And in hind sight the program originators probably were faking it until they made it too.

What makes creating an illusion work so well is that people who are searching for a way to get their share of internet wealth desperately want to believe it. Even when the little voice in their head is telling them its too good to be true they will often take the bait anyway, hoping that this is the chance they have been searching for. Maybe the outrageous claims of wealth are true and riches can be obtained by duplicating their system, go ahead and take a chance, allow desire to over ride common sense.

Deceptive marketing practices are common place in the internet marketing world because they produce results for unscrupulous operators who lose no sleep over fleecing unwitting marketers. Some consider it their duty to pick the pockets of inexperienced browsers, after all they are educating them in the ways of the online world.

Sadly as long as there are people browsing the internet in search of easy money the con artist will continue to flourish. To them promoting shady opportunity's is easier and more profitable than trying to earn from a legitimate online business. Exercising common sense and researching opportunity's before swallowing the hook can save you from becoming a victim of the next big thing on the internet.

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