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Customer Service
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I have been in customer Service most of my life, and I am really concerned with the level of service we are getting now.

Here are a few stories about bad service.

A woman goes into an upscale store in her work clothes, she goes over to the jewelry department and looks at the rings in the cases, she sees' one she likes, but she can not get anyone to help her, even though several employees have seen her. She finally leaves and goes to a different store to buy her ring.

Another story about a man who goes into town without changing his clothes, he is in his old pickup truck, he goes to a dealership and finds a new truck he likes, but he can not find anyone to help him. He leaves and calls the owner the next day and tells him he bought his truck else where, and he won the lottey last week.

A lady waits for her new carpet to be laid, they had called the night before to confirm the time, she waits for an hour then calls the store andis told, they should be there anytime now. So she waits an other hour and calls back. This time she is told " they already told her that they couldn't lay her carpet until next week and to stop calling"!

You go to the go to the grocery store and get treated like you're not even there, the checker talks to someone else the whole time, you have to ask how much, and wait while she bags your grocery because she was so busy talking she forgot to bug them!

You take something back to the store with a receipt and they offer you half of what you paid or even worst they tell you they can't refund your money that you only had 10 days to return it.

You go online to customer service and you have explain over and over what the problem because they were not listening.

So now you think there is not customer service anywhere, wrong there really are some companies that care!

Low's will deliver your appliances the next day and take your old appliance away for you.

Go lets you turn off the music, and they are very helpful and listen. Will refund your money really fast and are very knowledgeable.

Kol's and J C Pennys' both have great return polices.

Macy's has friendly knowable sales staff.

Sprint sales staff has time to help you, unlike some other cell phone companies.

Most tech companies are better at customer service than live companies.

With the new phones and social networks, people are taking their complaints to the net, and companies really hate to see themself on You tube, Twitter, or face book, so makebe Customer Service will make a comeback!

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