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Earrings For Women - Christian And Religious
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In many religions both boys and girls get their ears pierced at young ages. Some are just babies when they get their ears pierced. Here in United States since we have all different cultures and religions it is not uncommon to see babies, children, teenagers, and of course adults with pierced ears. Christians will sometimes wear earrings with crosses and other symbolic meanings.

There are many different places that a piercing can be done on the ear. The most common is the Lobe. A lot of people will have two piercings there. One will be on the lower part of the lobe and the other right above it and to the left of the lobe. Other places where earrings can be placed are at the helix, industrial, rook, daith, tragus, snub, conch, and the anti-tragus.

Both female and males wear earrings. Generally, earrings have been worn by women, but in the past few decades more males are starting to wear earrings mostly in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, also in India. Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification and with written references and artistic designs in many cultures around the world dating back to early man and woman.

Earrings can be made of any number different materials, including beads, wood, stone, plastic, metals, glass, and precious stones. Designs range from dangling small chains, to large or small loops, also studs, to earrings that clip on. There are actually to innumerous to mention all here.

The actual procedure of ear piercing has been done anywhere from around a campfire to a kitchen table with a few minor tools. Now in a lot of department stores to beauty salons have ear-piercing instruments. There are also doctor offices that perform ear piercings, and I personally think that this would be the best way for an infant to have it done. I personally had my ears pierced with a needle, rubbing alcohol, and a raw potato on the backside of the lower earlobe.

As for anesthetic at the time we used two ice cubes to clamp the earlobe and then ran the needle through the earlobe when it was numbed. The raw potato was placed in the back of the earlobe to catch the needle as it went through. We then rubbed the blood away with rubbing alcohol and placed a small string in there in which I would run through my ear to prepare it for 6 weeks until I was ready for the real thing. Now, I must say, I would not want anyone to do it like this now, and I do not under any circumstances think you should do it this way. This was only added for a little entertainment. But, yes, it has been done this way before.

Whatever is your choice of getting your ears pierced the main thing is to do it safely. There have also been many infections from not sterilizing needles properly or other instruments that were not cleaned properly. Parts of ears have been removed because of infections.

In our world there are many earrings for women that are religious. There is the cross for the Christians who like to wear Christian jewelry and also many different earrings from Saints to other jewelry that is very intriguing.

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