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In this article, I am going to provide you with a mini list. It's something I would like to call The fat burning foods list. In this list, are foods that are great and I really think that you should try to include some of these foods into your current diet if you can. If you are aiming to lose fat. Then these foods should help you give you a boost, as long as you have a good exercise plan layed out for you.

So here is the fat burning foods list. Just so you know. I am only going to list around five fat burning foods. And there is so many more out there. But I do believe these are the best ones to go a long with. And I am pretty sure you can find some great recipes to cook up a fantastic dish to enjoy. Ok so the first food that goes onto the fat burning foods list is:

Garlic – I know garlic is stinky yes and it scares of vampires( not that they exists) but garlic is a proven fat burner, why you ask, well this is because it contains allicin which is good at getting rid of fat out of the body. So try and add some garlic into your diet.

Peppers – Chuck some peppers into your diet, why, well simple reason really. Peppers will raise your metabolism,what does this mean for you? well they will help you to burn fat even quicker. They are full of fiber so you won't feel the need to get up during the night to get a quick snack.

Carrots – You know carrots like the ones little cute bunnies eat. Carrots are rammed with so much stomach filling fibers. This is good because it will make you feel full, thats good news for us because it will stop us wanting to eat more food. Again just like Peppers they will stop you craving a midnight snack.

Berries – According to some experts berries are actually one of the best fat burning foods you can find. The reason behind this is because of their high content of insoluble fiber. So try to have some after every meal if you can for a delicious snack.

Low fat yogurt – Yogurt contain a good supply of protein, bacteria and calcium. These are all great and will help you to boost your metabolism and also help improve digestion.

So there you have it The fat burning foods list. Hopefully this list will give you some ideas to which you can come up with some of your own recipes, if you need another fat burning foods list, just let me know and I will happily help you out

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