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Generating Effective Leads
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Generating Effective Leads

For any business to survive they need sales.Sales are the biggest challenge that a business owner faces. With more buying options, the availability of all information at peoples fingers tip, businesses are searching avenues for new leads. To get a fraction of the market and a percentage of spending dollars is the concern of all businesses, big, small, stable or start ups.

Businesses in the present economic environment have to look for ways and means to be effective in the spending, so it is always a balancing act. The old ways of marketing and customer loyalty is somewhat a thing of the past. Every new fad or new product that catches the eye of the public and has some celebrity of public figure, flaunting it, makes it desirable, especially the younger generation..

So how do we get the customers attention without breaking the bank:

Marketing yourself:

Get as much of attention to you as the expert. You should be the spokesperson for your product. I will give you an example. I was watching a show, where one of the guys was selling a water bottle. He did not have a big budget for advertising, what he had was a vision.

He dressed up as a bottle and appeared at different points in a race and positioned himself running on the sidewalk just so that he caught the eye of the camera. Everyone wanted to know who was the guy and what was he advertising. Was that not perfect?

I think he is a marketing genius. He further an endorsement from a famous ( I think it was a basketball player) just be asking. So you need to be innovative and forward thinking in marketing,

Marketing your product :

Where can you market your product.? I know of a company that wanted to get some celebrity endorsement and did not know how to get that.. So what did they do? They went to one of the leading events and asked the organizers if they could give free samples to add to gift bags being distributed.This idea was brilliant.

They were present at the party and got to meet with some of the celebrities/dignitaries and got some endorsements from them. This was enough showcase their product.

Attending Events to Market Products:

Some of the great avenues to market your product is at charity events, golfing events, rally's, local fund raisers, media events and any public events. Give free samples or if that is cost factor give information brochures to raise awareness of your product.

Partnering with other Business Owners:

If you know of a business owner who is a related field team up with then to do a marketing blitz. For example if you are a massage therapist you can team up with a doctor, give them a good reason why they should work with you.

Be careful you do not want to get embroiled in privacy issues, so use your judgement when entering into an agreement.. I find the best way to act in the customers best interest is to give them three choices, mentioning your recommendation.


This area can be your best friend or your dreaded enemy. Foe most businesses that have been around for some time, it is the fear of the unknown. if you are not listed on the first page of the local directory,you will loose customers. You may be serving the best pizza in town but till you make a name for yourself only you and your immediate circle will be aware of it.

Make and use technology as your best friend. If you are not computer savvy, get the help of an expert to get listed on the first page of leading computer engines. This will drive the business in your local area to you. Since technology keep changing embrace it and use it. Let it not be your downfall.

Use Your Customers as your Spokespersons:

What better advertisement, than a satisfied customer. I read somewhere that a satisfied client only tell a few people about their great experience, however a dissatisfied tells a whole lot of people. So we should try and turn the tables around and have a live referral machine.

In my previous article on evaluating your marketing plan I gave some of the tips on how to garner new customers, using your present customer base, so I will not go into it.You can read the article for ideas.

Protect Your Reputation:

Monitor any positive or negative feedback and be prompt in addressing any issue. You may not be able to please everyone, but at least you know that you tried. I believe in personal touch and we as human beings, always need positive reinforcement.


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