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How To Be Rich And Happy In Retirement
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If you are one of the millions of people who is approaching retirement, whether of your own choice or not, your thoughts may well be circling around a desire to be rich and happy in retirement rather than being focused on the less than attractive alternatives. You are sure to know what those alternatives are but have you ever wondered just how you can retire rich and happy? Let me explain about 2 methods which can help you on your way.

Affiliate Marketing

While there are hundreds of retirement communities which cater to senior living, many soon-to-be retirees reject the idea of having to depend on somebody else when they have managed throughout their lives to take care of themselves so starting a new career may be just what they are looking for to be happy and rich in retirement, to maintain their intellectual activity and to give them the opportunity to continue to be creative.

The modern job market has caught up with the baby boomers and realised that there is a wealth of experience which can be tapped into by opening doors to this valuable segment of the population who are healthier and living longer than their peers did. There are any number of traditional opportunities for retirees and seniors to work as is evidenced by the numerous employment websites which cater specifically to more mature individuals which an be found by using search engines but these are not necessarily going to satisfy the desire to be rich and happy in retirement. For those who are either not interested in returning to an office environment, or are physically not able to take on a traditional office job, the Internet offers hundreds of on-line marketing opportunities for retirees to supplement incomes and to make the dream of being rich and happy in retirement a reality.

The Net is a perfect platform for networking with international communities, providing outsourcing services around the globe, making money from hobbies, interacting with professional networks etc. One of the most popular and easiest ways of generating an Internet income to be rich and happy in retirement is by becoming an on line marketer or affiliate marketer. Computer literate seniors and retirees will already know that this is a simple and lucrative marketing tool which is designed to draw attention to a company's business or products to increase on-line sales.

As an affiliate marketer you can sign up for affiliate programs with companies of your choice via independent platforms such as Clickbank or Commission Junction. Your "job" will be to provide the information potential customers are looking for to assist them in their decision making process. The companies assign you an individual ID so they can track the number of sales you promote so you can receive a commission for each sale. There are no limits to the type of products you promote and you have the power to influence customers depending on your creativity. It is easy to understand why this form of advertising is at the top of the list for businesses and why it is quite possible to be rich and happy in retirement through this source of income. There is no need to worry about the administrative side of this business because the affiliate marketing networks handle the tracking, customer payments, handling support, and provide a central point for managing your marketing statistics.

Blog Writing

Blogging is also an ideal way for retirees to become rich and happy in retirement by homing on their hobbies either full time or in their free time. This is a field of Internet marketing which is very popular as a source of income because you can do it from home Imagine being paid for writing about your interests? As long as you are consistent and blog regularly and keep to the sites policies you will enjoy steady income. Some of the more popular sites include, Social Spark or bid on blogs via Sponsored Reviews, Buy Blog Reviews. To be successful at blogging you will need an eye-catching title and accurate information for your visitors. You should blog at least once a day or more. As previously noted consistency is the key to building a loyal following so you will have to write posts daily that are interesting and entertaining and have quality content otherwise you will not be able to create income.

These 2 methods of supplementing your retirement income are perfect as home-based jobs for those who want to be rich and happy in retirement. Don't limit yourself to a life of financial dependency because you have many options.

Hi there, I'm Cornelia Doctrove a Brit who has always felt it is important to find the best possible way for an individual develop his or her own potential. One way for me has been to set up my own online marketing business. To find out more about the ways about online marketing and how to you can have your own one-stop, ready-made blog system from Wealthy Affiliate read this

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