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How To Earn Money Without A Website
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The website has become king to make money on line. With a website you can promote a product, develop an email list for further promotion, include ads from Google Adsense, and other ads for web hosting and design, etc.

So How can you Earn Money Without a Website?

Ebay One favorite way to earn money without a website is to use the Ebay website to funnel customers to you. However, they take as much as a 15% chunk out of your profits. You must weigh the costs vs. the profits of using Ebay.

Yes, Ebay receives greater traffic than your own site would, but that traffic is not specific to your product. You would receive much greater quality traffic on a website with a keyword related to your specific product. Also, you can save the 15% commission and use either a free web site or own designed for you for under $100 that would reflect professionalism and quality to your future buyers.

You Tube 3 billion views a day is what YouTube receives. 3 Billion views! This is one major website and you can be a part of it. All you need is a web cam and a fast internet connection. How can you make money on YouTube? You can include affiliate links (links to products you are promoting to receive a commission) within the video. The video could be a review of the product and naturally include the link in the video.

You could develop a daily "show" and hope it catches on in which case Youtube would invite you to share its profits. This is very time consuming and the profits pertain to only the videos they approve for the sharing program.

You could promote local businesses on video and seek a small income from the business. For instance, if you are creating DIY videos, a local lumber yard may be interested in sponsoring you for the increase in sales they hope to receive.

Article writing

Article writing is one way to earn money without a website. You can produce Private Label Rights (PLR) content that can be sold to a PLR directory or placed on the PLR directory for sale. PLR directories require unique content that is used by others on their websites, promotional material, or even e-books.

Squidoo, Associated Content, and other article directories are repositories of articles on a variety of topics. Squidoo allows the writer to share in any profits it makes from sales made from his article. Associated Content pays a small amount for the article and provides further pay if it receives continual views.

The Benefits of Having a Website These are a few of the ways a person can earn money without a website. However, I am convinced that a website is necessary to create a stable income on the internet. When you own the web site, you do not need to worry about being blocked or your articles being taken off line which has happened to some article writers. You control your web presence.

With a website you are able to link directly to the product you are promoting and have the choice of what you promote.

You can establish an email list. I became a member of an affiliate marketing training site only after repeated exposures to their site through continual emails that I had oped into receiving. If I had only been given that one exposure, I would have never joined. Not only does the email list allow for repeated exposure to the future customers, but the same list can be used to promote similar products that the person has never been exposed to before.

Your own website can produce additional income by ads placed on the site. While this should be a small amount of income compared to the product you are promoting, it is still change in your pocket for very little extra effort.

Conclusion Yes, you can earn money without a website. If I was to choose any of the ways it would be through article writing. However, for the little added expense (about $10 for a domain) and the added time to develop a website you will soon realize that earning money without a website is not the best way to make money online.


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