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How To Run A 5k Faster - Clinch The Medal In 4 Easy Steps
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How to run a 5k faster  -  clinch the medal in 4 easy steps

Ever wished of getting a shiny medal in your 5k race? With hardwork and the correct training techniques, you will be able to achieve your goal in the next race! Thus, today i will highlight how you can run a faster 5k for your next race in 4 "easy" steps.

The first step to a faster 5k is nutrition. In order for you to run a faster 5k, you need to provide yourself with the correct nutrients to fuel your body for recovery from each practice race you make. This includes eating more carbohydrates and calories. If you are concerned about your diet, and gaining more fatty layers (whilst losing the sight of your abs) from putting in more calories in your meals, DO NOT WORRY. The additional calories would be burnt off by the time you hit the next practice through your higher metabolism from your 5k practice run!

The second step to run a faster 5k is PRACTICE. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you are busy, put a schedule to run 5k at least 1- 2 times in a week, whilst taking time to keep track on whether you have improved. Spend the other days for other training and for rest days (at least 2 days a week). So what other training can you do? Firstly, you can start with what i call the 20 minutes run. Start by running at a quick pace (not sprinting) for 1 minute. After the 1 minute, go at a slower pace for 2 minuets, before starting to run at a quicker pace again for 1 minute. Keep repeating this technique until you reach a total of 20 minutes. As you get better, try to increase the time for the quicker pace interval. Also, try to keep track of the distance you run so that you can set a goal for yourself to reach a farther distance every time you do the 20 minutes run. Another way to train to run a faster 5k is to work on your sprints. This is especially important when you can see the finishing line and you intend to sprint pass your competition to get the medal. You can train for this by doing some plyometric exercises such as an alternating split leg jump, squat jumps and lateral jumps. You can also try working on your leg stride turnovers.

The fourth step to run a faster 5k is to know the route that you are running. 1 week before the race, try to find out the route that your race will take place by getting a map. If the route is open, try to take a run, or at least a slow jog around the course to familiarize yourself with the place. Try to take note of the uphills, the downhills, landmarks which indicate how far you have gone. Knowing such details of the course will not only allow you to mentally prepare yourself for what is to come in the race, but also provide you with more confidence when doing the actual race itself.

And finally, the last step is obvious. YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR BUTT TO TRAIN! or your legs.. in this case. If you have been lazing around, i want you to get up right now, get a change of clothes, and start a practice 5k run! If you dont have a track, use google maps to map out your area to gauge your distance. If it is cold in winter for you, GET A JACKET! THERE IS DEFINITELY NO EXCUSE TO RUN (unless of course it is raining.. you probably can head to the gym?).

Finally, if you have any doubts about the steps being easy, they actually are. Easy to understand that is. Application of it...would probably take more effort. ;) With that said, if you follow my tips to run a faster 5k, i am sure you will see improvements in your races, maybe hit 20 mins?


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