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I Didn't Think It Could Happen In America
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Our once great Nation is slipping away fast, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is taking a back seat to our greedy politicians and their ever increasing thirst for more power and control. It breaks my heart to see what we have become, we have a President that goes around apologizing to every one and a House and Senate that is filled with career politicians that only have their own interests in mind.

Democrats and Republicans, what a choice we have, they are more like school kids with the, "He said She said" mentality. Neither party is listening to the American People, they have their own agendas and that is all that matters to them. When asked, how do you know if a politician is telling the truth, if his lips are moving he is lying. Call me old fashioned, but I thought these folks worked for us, not the other way around. We need to take our Country back or we will not have a country.

When it comes time to cut the fat from the budget where do they always look, Social Security and Medicare. Never have i heard anyone propose a freeze or pay cut for the politicians. The latest trip the President made to London for the G-20 summit was absurd, he brought 200 Secret Service Agents, his personal chef and the White House kitchen stall, his own food and six doctors, in all he took 500 staff members. He also took a fleet of 35 vehicles including the Presidential Limo, Air Force One, Marine One, (the Presidential Helicopter), four speech writers and 12 teleprompters. All this for a 3 day visit?

Every day on the news I hear about a school or some other public building where a small group or maybe just one individual is demanding that the words God or Jesus, be removed because it offends them. School kids can no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance or Pray in public. We have buckled under to these groups and individuals far too long, that is why we are here today in the mess we are in.

We are Americans, let's stand up for our rights and take our Country back while we still can. Think about your children and grand children what kind of life will they have. I try my best to be an optimist, but it sure gets hard at times, now more than ever I am a realist. I love my Country as I am sure you do, but all it takes for nothing to happen is to continue doing nothing. Let's speak up when we see things that aren't right, teach manners to our children and sincerely care for one another. You can make a difference!

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