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Is Learning Important?
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Is Learning Important?

I should have written this article before I had Learning from our mistakes, published. However I had to practice what I wrote about and learn from my mistakes, and try and do a better job the next time.

When pondering over the previous article I realized that writing about learning was very important. Very often we think of learning as the knowledge we get from from books as all of us have attended school which are the seats of learning.

Learning can be acquired in many forms. Learning is when we acquire knowledge from books, through mastering of various skills and also through life's experiences. So acquisition of learning is not only narrowed to books, but in the recent years we can use the internet to learn new and different things.

To me, learning new thing helps to develop the mind, which is greater than any large capacity computer, and also helps to grow in rational thinking.

So why is learning so important?

When we learn we broaden our outlook to life. It broadens our horizons. Learning stimulates the brain to see things differently, affects our rationale.

Learning changes us. With education and learning we adapt and are more tolerable to others in our environment.

We increase our knowledge and thus able to compete with others in our fields of expertise,

This helps us to be successful not only economically but in life. We have a chance to better our standard of living.

It helps us achieve our full potential. All of us are blessed with different God given talents and developing these gifts makes us achieve what we were meant to do.

Without any interest in learning we stagnate and as we were told in school an empty mind is the devils workshop.

Advancement in technology, medicine,science has made it possible for us to keep abreast of the changes, so that we can adapt to this ever changing world.

Economic growth is a result of learning. Learning to use resources that we have will help stimulate economic growth and this not helps each one of us but society in general.

Learning is not only from books but also on the job training. On the job learning is very important as all of us and the companies that we work for have to keep abreast with changing times. Being open to learn different things will be for our good.

All of us have to continue to learn daily or else we will be the walking dead. Each day is a lesson in itself.

No man is an island so the key to learning is to learn from each other. We should learn to share our expertise with others and also learn from them. No one is too old or too young to learn.

A person cannot be an expert in every field so perfecting your knowledge or your interest will help you to carve your niche in the world.

Factors that hinder learning

The environment in which the person lives. If it is not conducive to learning then it the environment will be a hindrance. Lack of initiative is a major factor.

Lack of resources. Many drop out of school and never go back because they do not have the means to support themselves. Their family need their support to exist.

There is lack of drive or ambition to get ahead. This I feel. is the major stumbling block. Nobody can force you to learn you should want it .

It is not cool to learn, easy money can be made doing other things. Looking to make easy money is another major deterrent.

Misinformation about learning opportunities. If we have no idea how to go about educating ourselves then we gradually loose interest.

Thinking we are too old to learn. We are never to old to learn, too young maybe.

Accessibility of learning programs.

Lack of government funding. Government's should be able to legislate minimum education levels and support those not able.

Well, I hope we realize that we live and learn each day or our lives, so be open and receptive.

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