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Make Easy Money Online
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Make Easy Money Online

Four steps to make easy money online with article marketing.

With online article marketing their are secrets to being successful. First off the greatest thing about article marketing is anyone can do it and do it for free. It does not have to cost you anything to get started and make easy money online. Companies want traffic to their websites, and they pay good to get them there. You can get a chunk of that cash by writing articles and sending them to a website. Although once you gain knowledge and success you can invest back into your online marketing business and maximize your time and effort by outsourcing certain task. You have to set yourself apart from all the spammers that have made life harder on the article marketing. Thankfully it has only made us better. So I would like to share with you in four steps to make easy money online.

1. Getting starting in article marketing is pretty easy. Find a few good article directories(these are where you can submit your article to go live online) and sign up. I will give you a few good ones here,


ezinearticles(which is getting very difficult to deal with)



these are just a few, there are literally thousands to submit to. You will need to look at some examples of writing articles to get idea of how to write a good article. But I am a firm believer that a bad article live on the internet is better than no article at all.

2. You will need to find a target audience (also called a niche). This should be something you are interested in and have some knowledge about or something you are willing to research and learn. Once you find this you will have to research keywords. Keywords are exact words that you would type into google in quotations. You want to find keywords that are low density, meaning having 1500 results or less. That way you rank in the search results. Word of advice here. Write one good article per keyword. If you write several on the same keywords you are sabotaging yourself. Only one article will get ranked. So you will be competing against yourself and google will pick up on duplicate articles and you will get pushed back in the rankings. You are on your journey to make easy money online.

3. When you decide your niche it is now time to research this niche and find out how many people are looking for answers or products in this specific area. If no one is looking then no one is buying. So if people are interested in this area then it is time to see what other article marketers are writing about and break it down even further to an area they are targeting yet.

4. Submitting your article is the easy part. Just keep in mind that some article directories require specific ways of submitting and putting links in your article. some do not allow links in the body of your article. So with this you have to be creative and use the author box. Just make sure you read the directories instructions and follow them. It will be a little difficult at first but will get easier as you learn them. that is why i suggest submitting to only a handful of quality directories.

So to make easy money online you just have to decide to do article marketing. One trick now is using a landing page or website to direct traffic to that is unique to your niche. To save money build a squidoo or hubpage and allow this to be a landing page to your affiliate website. If you need education in how to start this and be successful you can seek out this online. I would suggest using Wealthy Affiliate University which in my opinion is the best. They helped me be successful. So to make easy money online just start.

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