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Managing People At Work
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Have you ever had that individual or individuals that you were responsible for at work and you just didn’t know what to do with them? Are they doing what they are supposed to do? Did they complete the assignment that you asked them to complete? Did they cooperate with the other employee’s? Did I explain the task at hand clearly? What happens if they didn’t do the work, how do I manage them? You would not be the first person or manager to admit that managing people at work can be difficult.

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you are managing people at work properly. Now you might ask, “What is proper”? I’m glad you asked. Properly managing people is ensuring that the work is completed on time and the completed project is what was expected. Basically you communicated what needed to be completed and the employees completed what you asked them.

The first step to managing people is to understand what type of personality they have. If the manager understands what type of person they are dealing with then and only then can he/she manage them effectively. Now I’m not talking about finding out what zodiac sign they are, “don’t laugh some manager have done this”, I’m talking about really understand if they are a red, yellow, blue or green. What? You don’t know about the different colors and what they mean…..Wow, this will have to be something we cover in the future. Just know that each person has different things that motivate them. It could be money, fortune, fame, appraisal or appreciation. But each person has something that motivates them. Now back to our subject, if you understand this little secrete you can manage them and do it well.

The second step to managing people at work is developing team work amongst the employee’s. Team work ensures a win win for everyone. The team is happy, you the manager is happy and the project is complete. Now you know the more employee’s that you have the harder it is to get everyone working together. That is where you come in. You act as a mediator, a listener and a leader for each and every employee. Some will look to you for guidance, some will rely on your judgment and others will want encouragement but they all want something. When you can supply what they want you can get them to do anything.

Okay, so you have them (employee’s) eating out the palm of your hands and you are completing work on time, within budget and the way it is suppose to be. Does this make you a good manager? For the most part, yes. Can you do more, yes. It is time to manage the employee in a way that they will need less from you and do more for themselves. The art of managing people at work is providing the needed confidence in them so they can do it themselves.

Remember in order to manage people at work you have to find out what motivates them, money, praise, attention, or recognition. Providing these few simple needs can motivate them in turn make it easier to manage them. An employee will do what you want them to do once they know that you will do what they want you to do. You have to give to get. A person doesn’t care until they know how much you care.

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