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Marketing A Small Business According To Einstein
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Marketing A Small Business According to Einstein

It is amazing what you can learn about marketing and consumer buying behaviors in general from all sorts of folks who may not even be marketers. Even my sixteen year-old daughter has given me some brilliant insights on marketing in small business; how to market specific items in my store that I, of course, have never admitted to her that I never even thought of!

The really great marketers are the most creative, and it is imagination, experience, and curiosity that forges creativity. Being curious about what savvy people have to say about life in general will serve you well in this respect, so let's see how quotes from one of the most notable scientists in the world, Einstein, can be used for marketing in business!

Marketing a Small Business Tip #1: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

You operate a business to make money, so your advertising must be loved by the target recipients, not necessarily by you. What you think isn't important, it's what the customer thinks. The illusion you create for the customer with your advertising will be the guiding force of their perception of your business, and perception is reality!

Marketing a Small Business Tip #2: "The only real valuable thing is intuition."

As a small business owner, you have learned a lot of things. Many times, outside influences attempt to persuade you to go in one direction, but your gut feeling says you should go in another. Your "gut feelings" come to you from a lifetime of experiences, and in most cases your brain is processing information you don't even realize!

Many times vendors are going to suggest (insist?) that you market their products a certain way or for a certain price. Don't be afraid to question their motives if something doesn't feel right, as they are generally less concerned about your profitability and more concerned about theirs. Most often, you'll find going with your gut is the right choice for marketing your small business!

Marketing a Small Business Tip #3: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

There are many, many knowledgeable marketing "gurus" that reside in the world today, and most of them have answers for just about everything. They can suggest many different forms of marketing in small business, many of which bring you expensive bills and little more. They most likely haven't owned your business, in your location, serving your customers, with your experiences, so who really has the knowledge here?

Almost anyone can come up with cheap ideas for marketing a small business by using a little imagination! Windshield flyers, reader boards, banners, attending local festivals, local websites, Craigslist, email marketing, the local Chamber of Commerce - it's all out there for the taking by allowing your mind to expand with the possibilities! Honestly, I've gotten more mileage out of grass-roots marketing over any other campaign.

Marketing a Small Business Tip #4: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

When it comes to marketing a business, not every, single one is going to be a winner. My wife, God bless her (and who hopefully won't be reading this), will try something once and if it doesn't work, it never will. Don't let one failure prevent you from trying another! Learn from your mistakes, tweak it, and move on! The key is to keep trying until you find something successful, and don't ever, ever quit on yourself.

Marketing a Small Business Tip #5: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Another famous quote that falls under this heading is "The definition of insane is to doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." In order for something to change, you have to change something! One of the all-time great marketing methods is to step back and look at your business through your customer's eyes! What questions do they want answered? What products are they looking for? What deals do they want? Sometimes what you see will surprise you, and you can make changes from there.

Think outside the box, get a litte guidance and listen to Einstein. Also, remember marketing a small business also comes from the heart, instead of merely education! Let your experience, intuition and persistance guide you, and you will be successful!

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