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Photography Business Cards-Putting A Face On Your Business
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In the past, all business involved handing a business card to a new contact. In some cultures today, that is still accepted business practice. When you hand someone your business card, you are giving them a miniature bit of advertising about your business, some information that they can not only look at, at that moment, but information they can keep at the ready when they need your business or one just like it, in the future. Photography business cards have to have just a little bit of style to be effective- and they certainly have to have some example of your best work.

Photography Business Cards With the Same Image

When you order your cards, you usually do so in sets- all of the cards in the set should have the same image on them. As a photographer, you have to have an image that defines who you are and what you represent. For instance, if you are a landscape photographer, a lovely picture of scenery should be included with information about where you took the photo and if you want, how you did it. People driving by the scene will be reminded of the photo on your photography business cards and may think of you automatically when they need their own photographer.

If you are a photographer that specializes in people or faces, then you should opt for an image of one of your most adorable child clients or photogenic couples offering them a discount on your services in exchange for using their likeness in your photography business cards and other advertising.

Using Different Images in Your Photography Business Cards

Another option is to use different options that show your full range. You can do this by using each different option on different cards or by showing various, small scenes on the same card. Doing the latter can be tricky because the images might be so small that you cannot really get a good look at them.

The more images that you have to show, the more that people will have an idea of what you are capable of doing. Not all photographers specialize in one type of photography or another- in fact, many of them build a business on taking photos of many kinds. If you only take nature or landscape photos or you only work with people or animals, that should be clearly be stated on the card as well.

Avant-Garde Photography Business Cards

If you are a little more edgy with your work, you might consider showing that with your photography business cards. Nothing says that you have to use color or comply with what other people think of when they think of business cards. Using different shapes and various types of finishes can be a great way to set yourself apart from the other photographers in your area. Consider using sepia tones or black and white for a really catchy presentation and a card that really makes people stop and take a second look.

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