Pro's And Cons Of Working In A Hotel
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Before falling into the trap of full time work in a hotel here of some of the worst scenarios to consider, the pros and cons of hotel work when exploring the advantages of working in a hotel on a full time basis.

As an experience veteran to the hardships of hotel work i can attest to some of the most irksome cons and speak of some of the best things you can experience to your advantage, but before i divulge allow me to take you to one side and give you a word of warning.

Cons of hotel work


Everyday that face of yours has to be a smooth as the babies cant be swanning around the hotel with a 5 a clock shadow at 8 in the morning. Hence you have to shave every day first thing before work to prevent those gnarly whiskers giving you an office chat from the manager. for just one day you wish you could wear your scruffs and pull pints like mad malcolm from your local drinking den... and fondly stroke your neckbeard.


Most people have a cupboard to shove their ironing boards away,you won't as that erect unsightly rickety object will become a permanent fixture in your living room, you may have a ton of shirts and trousers but every pair must be clean, pristine and well pressed before a days work. yes, you may take pride in your appearance but you would rather iron your own scrotum....or maybe not.

Late /Earlies.

Knocking off work 12.45,driving home, taking a shower before bed at 2.15 then having to silence that blasted alarm at 5.30 to get going again to arrive for breakfast at 7.00. how jocular is that! No wonder you look like death warmed up. unfortunately the hotel industry seems to be exempt from lawful working time hours and you vow to Google it later. but for now you need to get jacked up on caffeine and get past grave nodding terms with your breakfast guests.

Unsociable hours

Bank Holidays, Evenings weekends forget em, this is where your services are needed. while everyone else has plenty of money to throw around your'e here to receive custom at these peak times. Your friends have married, moved away and divorced and the event of decade has passed since you seemed to have had any proper down time.

Body clock

Your sleeping and eating pattern is at the mercy of staff rota randomness and the normality of breakfast, lunch and dinner has been flung into disarray as you join the eat on your feet fleet. Forced into the regrettable event of wolfing back a scolding roast potato when the Head Chef is not looking has become an all too common and shameful occurrence.

Lets now shift the focus away from looking at the negatives, it can't be all that bad can it?. no way,don't get rattled, everything has its price, lets call it character building and move on to some of the best things about working in a hotel.

The advantages of working in a Hotel

Opposite sex

Whilst your mates are wolf whistling and salivating at the only female office rep in amongst a legion of sex starved factory blokes you can smugly work alongside a bounty of European beauties and exotic types from far and wide. Here you will see luscious lotte, neat and tidy in her blouse while your mate john only gets to ogle Mavis in her hair net on 2-10 shift at the chocolate factory.

Low cost live in

Hoteliers love live in staff as they are on site, reliable and readily available. Well, usually. Loads of hotel jobs come along with a live in arrangement for meals and accommodation. So just imagine squirreling away all that hard earned cash for a few years on account of having no utility bills, no travel costs and free parking. Watching T.V. without a license or running a long luxurious shower without that worrisome lecky bill appearing on the mat.

Use of the Facilities

Usually you can be privileged to the Hotels facilities so long as you be respectful and don't clown around in front of guests. So Providing Mr Braithwaite and his wife have no objections to you slipping into the hot tub while you covertly pose as a paying guest then enjoy. Make the very best of it by lapping up the free use of the solarium, swimming pool and sauna, and play tennis with luscious Lotte.........often.


Every country in the world has a hospitality industry and as long there are people who like to eat, drink and travel, there will always be work. lots of hotels jobs have entry level positions and on the job learning is given. So here is one of the best opportunities to knuckle down and rise through the ranks without having to shoulder the heavy burden of student debt and dwell in a wreaking bog of poverty.

Real social networking.

A Hotel is a fantastic,vibrant friendly social hub because you work,live and learn with each other so there's never a shortage of people to talk to and share together some real experiences. Not having to fake your so called perfect life posting sultry selfies on Facebook, or trawling through the scrag end time-wasters on dating sites when here you've got it all wrapped up in one nice package.

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