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Thoughts On Meeting A Singer I Like
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I have often thought about how cool it would be to meet a singer that I admire, such as Kelly Clarkson. This awesome, once-in-a-lifetime event would have different outcomes, depending on whether it was a surprise or something that I had planned for.

If someone in my life had talked to Ms. Clarkson and arranged for her to come to my house one weekday morning, it would be a total surprise for me. She would be let into our living room, and as my heart pounded in my throat, I would invite her to sit down on the couch while I got each of us a glass of water. We would then sit down and talk. I would probably ask her about the album that she is currently working on. As we talked, I would also discover that she is a human being, just like I am. She has hobbies, likes, dislikes, favorite songs, and favorite television shows, just like I do.

However, as I sat there in front of her, dressed in my workout clothes, I can imagine feeling embarrassed. I would be wishing that I was dressed well and that the house was neat and clean, rather than cluttered. I would also be hoping and praying that I did not have dragon breath. Then, after a brief visit, I would thank her for coming by, and she would leave so that she could get back to her work. On the other hand, if I knew that Ms. Clarkson was coming to my house, the experience would go very differently.

First, I would want some new clothes for the occasion. I would want stylish, casual clothes that would be perfect for a fun day out. Once I had found some clothes that I liked, I would pay for them, take them home, and then put them away so that they would be clean for my special day. Buying new clothes is not the only thing that I would do in preparation for an event like this, of course.

Second, on the morning of the big day, I would get up early and clean the house. I would sweep and mop the floor, clean the bathroom, dust the furniture, and vacuum the carpet in the bedroom. I might even bake some banana bread. That way, when she arrived, the house would smell good. I would also have something tasty to offer her.

Then, when she arrived, we would chat for a few minutes, and then we would head out for our adventure. We might go have coffee at a local fast food place, for example. That way, the outing would not take too long. I would then thank her for meeting with me, we would say goodbye, and she would leave so that she could get back to recording great music.

It is my hope that during this experience I would not sound like a dork and that I would enjoy myself. I would also hope that after the experience, I would be able to write a great article about it for my blog.

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