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Tutoring Company Has Jobs Available
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Are you patient? Knowledgeable? Would you like a job? A tutoring company in New York City called Parliament Tutors, LLC has jobs available. Are you interested?

There are many people throughout the U.S. who would love to be tutors. They have the necessary skills, and they enjoy working with people. Many of them have had experiences that would help them to explain concepts to students in ways that the students would understand.

The problem, of course, is that the company is based in New York City. It is perfect for individuals in that area who would like a job, but it does nothing for people in other parts of the U.S. who would love to work but cannot afford to move to that part of the country.

If this company were to establish branches in other parts of the U.S., however, qualified individuals could apply there. After being hired, they could then begin tutoring. Those who lacked the certification could obtain the certification needed and then begin working there.

One thing that would be accomplished by establishing branches of this company in other parts of the country is that children would get the academic help they need. By getting help, they would get good grades in school. They would then be able to get good jobs when they graduate.

Another thing that would happen if other branches of this company opened is that qualified people of working age who managed to get a job with this company would feel better about themselves. They would get up in the morning knowing that they had somewhere to go. They would plan their day, perhaps thinking about certain goals they had for each student they tutored.

Many individuals currently have no job. They stay up late at night, sleep late in the morning, and may find themselves feeling depressed as a result of their employment situation. If they were to become employed by a company such as Parliament Tutors, LLC, however, they would likely change their ways. They would get to bed earlier (so that they would not oversleep and miss work), and they would get up earlier (so that they could get to work on time). By having a job, they would feel better about themselves, and they would be earning a living.

It is unlikely that this company will establish sites in places other than New York City, but if they should decide to, there are many people who are ready and willing to take a job with them. The company needs only to schedule an interview with a prospective employee, and then, upon deciding that he is a good fit, offer him a job.

Street Talk

Like the article but feel not in the position to comment. I do like the idea of online tutoring.

  about 6 years ago

Good article. Why could they not set this up through a program online that puts two or even more people together through the computer? I successfully home schooled my youngest son this way and most of his classes were through online classrooms with video. Just like being in the same room.

  about 6 years ago
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