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What It Is Like To Be A Freelancer
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The alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m., startling you out of a beautiful dream. You get out of bed and hurriedly begin getting ready for work. You go to work, clock in, begin your day, and pray that the day goes well. Does this sound familiar? This is the day-to-day life of many employees.

A freelancer's life is different, however. A freelancer can be his own boss. He can set his own goals and follow his own schedule. He does not have to worry if an unexpected event gets in the way and prevents him from finishing his work. He can go back to it later, picking up where he left off.

A freelancer has the benefit of doing his work where and when he chooses. He is not limited to the area where he lives and working only during business hours. He can start earlier or continue later if he wants to. He can take his work on the road with him, possibly publishing an article while away on vacation. In this way, he remains active in what he is doing, he produces new material that people will be interested in, and he will be earning more money.

Another advantage to being a freelancer is that if it becomes necessary for the freelancer to relocate, he can easily do that. When he arrives at his new location, he can continue with his work. He will not have to go through the aggravation and worry of trying to find a new job once he is established in the new place, because he will already have work.

When you are a freelancer, there are no limits to how much you earn. The only limits that exist are those that you place on yourself.

The bad thing about freelancing, of course, is that there is no guaranteed paycheck. You earn if you sell your work, and the earnings can be low. With a regular job, on the other hand, you will have a steady paycheck if you are a good employee, do your work, and play by the rules.

If freelancing sounds good, however, do some research. Check into publications that accept freelance material, see what they are looking for, and see how much they pay. If you submit work to a publication, and your work gets published, you can eventually become very successful, build your name, and live very well as a freelancer.

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Risks come with the job title. I like your views on this!

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