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Investment On Real Estate
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Investment on Real Estate

No matter what the market conditions are, what the price of gold is, or how much gas for your car costs, a good purchase has always been to make an investment on real estate. As of late, you have heard how much home prices have dropped. Low prices, coupled with low interest rates make it an ideal time to make an investment on real estate. There are a couple of key factors you want to look at before buying an investment property.

Location, location, location…

Location can be the main seller or deterrent when it comes to someone looking to rent your property. Is the property close to shopping malls? Are there any other attractions or stores close to your property? Is there public transportation available where your property is located? If the answer is no to the first two, there should probably at least be some sort of public transportation available to the prospective tenant. If there are shopping malls and grocery stores within walking distance of your property, this is a major up sell to the person looking at your property, whether they are young or old.

Multiple Bedrooms and Bathrooms

This is another big factor in gaining tenants into your investment. If you only have one bedroom and one bathroom, you could market it to single people. However, once there is a significant other in the picture, they usually look for something a little bigger. Another reason that, even singles, doesn’t like the idea of only one bedroom is that they can’t have guests spend the night, unless they are willing to sleep on your couch. Also, the bathroom is my one and only personal space. I don’t like for all my guests to see all of my personal hygiene and grooming supplies. Maybe I’m just strange like that.

Low Crime Rate

This is a huge factor among all types of renters. You don’t necessarily have to own a property in a gated community, with a golf course in the back yard, but people inherently want to feel safe all the time. Feeling safe is a natural human emotion. When researching your investment on real estate, talk to the local police, and see if they are called out to your neighborhood often. Do research online with the local newspaper and news stations to see what the crime rate is in that part of town.

School District

What school district the property is in can make a huge difference. Even if the prospective tenants don’t have children, the monthly rent is almost always higher if the school district is better than the surrounding districts. If the property is in a better school district, that same attitude is usually felt within that community, and people tend to take more pride in where they live.

Although this is not an all-inclusive list of factors to look for in an investment on real estate, this is a good place to start. In addition to these factors, you may want to check out online resources to make a solid return.

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