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Ten Huge Home Buyers Turn Offs
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Ten Huge Home Buyers Turn Offs

Imagine there is a person has a home, which he has lived for more than ten years with his family and a time has come that he decides to move to another town with his family. He decides to sell his house. For his house to fetch a good market price there are structural factors that he should consider to make it fetch a good price.

Weird paint colours

A buyer will definitely consider the painting of the house and his or her decision to buy the house will be influenced by his or her taste, mood, and preference. If the paint is quite new, he or she should consider this.

Dirty Rooms

A house for sale should be as clean as one can imagine. The seller should consider cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, wash-rooms, and cabinets. There should be a thorough cleaning when a potential buyer intends to see the house to build the buyers confidence and avoid buyer dissonance later.


There might be odor or stench smell originating from the house for example cigarette smoking in the living room. It should be prudent to avoid habits that bring these odors and the seller can persuade the buyer to buy the house.

Messy exterior

The gate and the entrance of your house tell a lot about the interior. The landscape should be trimmed and the lawn mowed; tend to the flowerbed and sprinkle water to make it blossom and flourish. Paint the front terrace to have the ambience that you want. Nonetheless, keep the exterior of the house as clean as possible by removing any rubbish or unused item.

Wrong-headed renovations

Do not create in the mind of the buyer if they buy the house they will be forced to incur other costs to keep things in order through renovations. Try much as possible to renovate the house to the best you can to avoid the buyer spending more money. One is able to justify why you are selling your house expensive because it is complete in the eyes of the buyer.

Dark and dirty interiors

One should probably fix failed lights and your interiors more light to make it visible. Ensure that all electricity switches and sockets are working and these will convince the buyer that he or she will not incur more costs in fixing lighting issue as settling in.

Ghastly basements

Dirty basements will discourage the buyer from making the purchasing. Ensure that your basement is clean especially if the ceiling is quite low.

Unclean appliances

Even if the house is largely clean, do not reduce the possibility that people will be looking inside the appliances. The fridge should be clean as well as the washing machine.

Swimming Pool

To some buyers, the swimming pool should be as clean as possible because many perceive it as a tourist attraction. Treat the water often as possible to make it clean and attractive.

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