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What Is The Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag
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What is the best backpacking sleeping bag

When choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag what features should you be looking for?

Sleeping bags for me fall into two sections, down or synthetic.

Down sleeping bags are filled with natural materials like goose or duck whereas synthetic are made with man made fibers.

And my five main points when searching for the best backpacking sleeping bag are weight, space, warmth, durability and cost.

Now lets see how these points stack up against our two bag types


This is a big problem for me as I like to walk long distances and if you usually cover a lot of ground on a daily basis then you know anything that is going to make your pack lighter should be a serious consideration.

Down bags are generally a much lighter option than a synthetic one.


Having 3 season sleeping bags that will fold down well and take up very little room amongst all your other kit is important.

Synthetic sleeping bags will take up more space when packed away than comparable down lightweight sleeping bags.


Foremost in people minds when searching for the best backpacking sleeping bag is how it will perform when you really need it. A down bag will give much better weight to warmth operation the a synthetic one.


Having never been a huge fan of tents because it just means more to carry, whenever possible its just a mummy bag and a bed roll for me so I will always look for a sleeping bag that is going to be able to stand up to a bit of the rough stuff.

This is where the synthetic sleeping bag will come out on top because of water resistance, getting a down sleeping bag wet is not a good idea and will severally degrade its performance. This can sometimes be overcome when wild camping by use of a tarp pegged out over you and the sleeping bag.�


A good quality down sleeping bag is going to cost more than a synthetic sleeping bag but with that you gain a performance winter sleeping bag that will give you many years of use.

If I could use a down bag all the time I would mainly because of the excellent weight and size to warmth ratio but sometimes it is just not practical when wild camping with only a sleeping bag, but if I am using a tent (which living in the UK is far too often) the down bag is the best backpacking sleeping bag option for me.

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