Foods Help Fight Cancer
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Foods Help Fight Cancer

When considering food for cancer patients, there are a lot of options. The purpose of food in the healing of illness, is not really to treat the illness itself. Rather it is to boost the immunity of the sufferer so that their natural healing processes can take place for themselves.

Whether you choose traditional approaches to cancer treatment or alternative approaches, a healthy diet for cancer patients, low in sugar and high in nutrition is going to improve stamina, strength and overall well-being during the challenge of this disease.

My intention is to provide some easy to navigate, nutritional information and throw together recipes with minimal ingredients that are so satisfying to a craving palette, while being supportive of the natural, healing process of your body.


When diagnosed with cancer, it's a shock to the system and you're left reeling with all of the options about how to tackle the illness and find solutions for possible treatment.

Small changes that you can make right away, may include:

  • Additions to your diet such as juicing, which oxygenates the cells and thwarts cancer development.
  • Certain pH regulating minerals since cancer thrives in an acidic environment.
  • Acupuncture treatments to increase appetite and energy and reduce symptoms of cancer and side effects of traditional cancer treatments.
  • Mental well-being exercises such as Guided Imagery and meditation, as well as positive affirmations to affirm healing.

What are some of the first dietary changes to make which will support your health right away?

Learn to eat Organic. Organic farmers utilize sustainable farming practices to conserve water, fertilize naturally and to reduce pollution. The strain on the environment and also on your health is noticeable.

Natural foods can be just as good, especially when grown locally from farmers who you can meet and buy from at local Farmer's Markets. Ask and they will tell you about their practices. Just because it isn't 'Certified Organic' doesn't mean that it isn't grown using the exact same methodology. It could just mean that the farmer didn't pay an arm and a leg to the USDA for certification. Again, ask.

FoodsHelpFightCancer are pages of helpful food advice and recipes for cancer patients and their lovely cooks and caretakers.

Eat healthy fats for life. There is a lot of conflicting information about whether or not fat is a healthy food choice but now, more than ever, healthy fats are necessary to build your strength from the inside, increasing your ability to ward off disease. Start with these few staples to keep in your cabinet. They are the most nutritious, easy to work and cook with while covering the full spectrum of uses in the kitchen. No need to go overboard. Just start with these few and eliminate all other fats for cooking:

  • Organic butter
  • Coconut oil (great for high heat cooking)
  • Flaxseed oil - great for smoothies (do not heat)
  • Olive oil (light sauteing or salads)
  • Grapeseed oil (for high heat cooking)

My recipes will show you how to utilize each one to create delicious, flavorful smoothies, rich bone broths for soups and stews, simple breakfasts that satisfy and more. Fats are the essential starting off point for nutrient dense food creation.

Stay tuned for more....!

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