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Living Without Fear: How To Prevent Cancer
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Living Without Fear: How to Prevent Cancer

It is commonly known that these days many people are afraid of oncological diseases. No wonder, how many times we have heard about someone dying from cancer? Unfortunately, there is still no a 100% cure for cancer. That is why prevention is vital when it comes to oncology. Of course, we cannot influence some factors, but why not do everything that depends on us?

Here are some tips on how to reduce the risk of oncological diseases.

Proper Diet. Healthy diet reduces the risk of cancer, especially in concerns problems of digestive organs. Regular meals, proper balance of proteins, fats and carbons, a lot of fruits and vegetables, avoiding food with carcinogens and preservatives – this all will help you to remain healthy.

Avoid Alcohol. Ethyl alcohol damages body cells, moreover, a lot of toxic substances are generated in the process of making drinks. Alcohol equals to tobacco in terms of provoking cancer. Giving up drinking alcohol reduces the risk of gullet, stomach and liver cancer.

Avoid Smoking. We won't mention how much rubbish a person inhales with cigarette smoke. Statistics speaks for itself: 9 out of 10 people with lung cancer are smokers. Smoking also increases the risk of oncological diseases of lips, larynx, stomach, gullet, urinary bladder.

Prevent Obesity. Adipose tissue takes part in hormone activity, so its excess leads to the change in hormonal balance, which consequently increases the risk of hormone-dependent neoplasms.

Physical Activity. Active physical training not less 30 minutes a day normalizes metabolism, body weight, blood circulation, and work of immune system, improves your mood and fights stress. Adequate physical exercises help to reduce the risk of large intestine, uterus, breast cancer.

Refuse Abortion. Abortion is a great stress for the whole female body. It affects endocrine system, reproductive organs, immune system, therefore, increases the risk of neoplasm development.

Fight Stress. It may sound banal, but optimism helps to avoid cancer. Difficult stressful situations are proved to increase the risk of oncological diseases. If you feel you cannot deal with stress and depression on your own, don't ignore the problem, consult the specialists.

Prevention. Endocrine prevention – diagnosing endocrine problems and treating them by medical and non-medical methods; immune prevention – diagnosing and treating various immune disorders, vaccination (for instance, against papilloma which can cause cervical carcinoma); medico-genetic prevention – consists in detection of individual with high risk of cancer development, consequent diagnosing, observation, and correction of risk factors.

Regular Check-ups. Especially it is important for people over forty. Regular check-ups at physicians, blood tests, X-ray can help to detect pretumor conditions or early stage cancer that can be easily treated.

Scientists claim that the right attitude to one's health and maintenance of elementary rules, such as health diet, physical activity, regular check-ups, can reduce the risk of oncological diseases to 90%! Which means that by making some effort we all can live our lives without cancer.

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