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Phones And Cancer: Conversations At Risk?
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Arrive on time in the newspapers and on television warning signs on the use of cell phones, which some may favor the development of cancer, especially to the brain.

They are well founded fear?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon (IARC) has announced May 31, 2011 that a group of 31 scientists from 14 countries, experts of electromagnetic radiation, met May 24 to 31 in Lyon to consider and discuss the results of all published studies, aimed to assess "the potential carcinogenic risk due to exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields" (meaning, those caused by non-ionizing radiation emitted by wireless phones, but also for the radio signals and television, radar and microwave ovens).

The detailed results of this analysis have been published in a monograph of the IARC and the journal The Lancet Oncology 1 July.

The working group "has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (group 2B), based on an increased risk of developing a glioma, a malignant tumor of the brain, associated with the use of wireless telephones" .

To understand the meaning is important to clarify what the terms mean used. The group includes the so-called 2B "possible" carcinogens: it is a large group of substances and agents under observation, which currently are not considered carcinogenic or "probable" (Group 2A), nor carcinogenic "certain" (group 1). To put things in perspective, the Group 2B also includes coffee.

It is also important to note that brain tumors such as gliomas are extremely rare: the low incidence in the world, reaching 6.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, making the studies particularly uncertain. However, given the very low incidence, even a possible increased risk at the individual level would result in a minimum increase of the probability of developing cancer of this type. The reporting of the IARC has quite a meaning in terms of public health, since the mobile phone users worldwide are estimated at 5 billion or one in two.

The findings indicate that the path followed by the IARC: to better understand the magnitude of the risk, you will need to "closely monitor the association between the use of mobile phones and the risk of cancer conducting additional long-term research in particular on users strong mobile phones "

Pending the results more reliable, IARC advocates "reducing exposure, using headphones and write text messages" whenever possible to avoid a phone call. Caution is especially important for young people who have brain tissue more sensitive than adults and that, unlike older, they face a lifetime of exposure.

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