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Synovial Sarcoma Survivor And Brain Cancer Survivor Testimony
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Synovial Sarcoma Survivor And Brain Cancer Survivor Testimony

Synovial Sarcoma Survivor Testimony

Michela has a degree in Physical Education at the University and is about to marry, but a few years ago, his future did not seem so rosy.

When, after several tests, doctors realized that the ball under her left arm was not a cyst, but a sarcoma, began my journey. I was 21, and the bad news of the disease were added to other fears: that the catheter implanted to administer chemotherapy could lead to complications, which could undermine the care of my future possibility of becoming a mother, that radiotherapy expose myself to radiation .

But I never said: "What do I fight? Let go of things. "Sport Sciences at the university I attended and I was afraid that the action to which I had been under would have crippled forever. Instead of being the very fact always been a sport has helped me to recover as soon as possible: thanks to physiotherapy and continuous training today I can say that they have reached a good condition.

Now I work in a gym as functional rehabilitation posturologist and my experience helps me to encourage those who tend to let go, perhaps just after a minor trauma or backaches.

I feel I have really put in another perspective, downsizing the order of importance of things. I know it's not worth taking it for a test gone wrong for a business or nuanced: it is better to acknowledge that you have, rather than complaining about what has been lost. I do not like to repeat what I was feeling too strong and courageous. I found myself in the dance and I danced. And life has been kind to me, giving me a bright present.


Testimony of Brain Cancer Survivor

Today Paul attends the third grade. But his story begins much earlier.

Born prematurely in 2003, by a multiple birth. His sister is named Melissa. At birth the baby has a brain hemorrhage Paul.

His first year of life is full of analysis and ultrasound eventually resulting in a diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a malignant tumor that develops in the cerebellum and makes it difficult to maintain balance and coordinate movements. Represents 20% of brain tumors of childhood.

After a surgery performed at the Meyer Paediatric Hospital, parents are directed to Ms. Massimino of the INT of Milan, who decides to avoid radiotherapy (because of serious side effects) and navigate to chemotherapy alone for about six months, followed by periodic monitoring not always close.

"The memories of Paul are very sporadic," says his mother Blessed "and focus on the environment, people and games that met in different structures. From the nurse Rossana levies, the only - to listen to Paul - he did not hurts, Ms. Massimino who always leaves its marks for playing with the recipes. Now Paul makes checks only once a year.

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