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Testimony Of A 24 Year Old Woman With Osteosarcoma
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Testimony Of A 24 Year Old Woman With Osteosarcoma

Barbara is 24 years old and has 3 younger brothers Frederick 17 years, Beatrice and Benedict 14 years 13 years. Andrea, who is engaged to marry soon.

At the age of 9 years playing volleyball after a strong ascent to the leg swells. Within 10 days becomes twice the size of the leg. The first medical examination reassured parents and Barbara continues to play volleyball even though the pain and swelling persist.

One day a father's affectionate gesture - that holds the knee - makes leap to his feet for a strong pain. The concerned father decides to take Barbara to be a pediatrician who immediately understand the seriousness of the case and submit it immediately to an x-ray that shows a fourth-grade osteosarcoma, which is considered a death sentence at the time, a rare and serious cancer.

Barbara will be addressed immediately at Rizzoli. The same night Barbara and her parents leave for Bologna. On December 27, Barbara began chemotherapy with good results. The body responds in an appropriate manner. On April 7, is made: a long operation 16 hours! It starts with the very idea of ​​demolishing an intervention, with a high risk of having to undergo an amputation. Barbara is desperate, but luckily for him the diagnosis before surgery showed that the tumor is smaller than previously thought and that will probably make a less invasive.

After the operation, the first memory is waking up to Barbara's father's voice that confirms that the leg was not amputated. "I lifted the sheet and when I saw my leg I had a sigh of relief ... Barbara looked at me and I was just waiting for confirmation."

After surgery, chemotherapy and continued over the years has been undergoing several operations caused by the continuous growth of his body given the young age. The soundtrack of his long periods in hospital is Eros Ramazzotti.

Barbara continues to make periodic checks to avoid the risk of lung cancer. Barbara is now healed. Periodically Rizzoli goes to find his doctors and for patients admitted because he thinks that his testimony could be used very much to those who are struggling against the disease.

Monica's mother followed her with love in all its course and is an extraordinary witness to a difficult experience that is successfully resolved. Barbara has long been one of the most passionate spokesperson for the Association on Cancer Research.

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