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Low Cost Auto Insurance – Life Style Change Lowers Cost
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Are you complaining your auto insurance premium is too high? Do you know someone who has a lower auto insurance cost than you and wonder why theirs is lower? Do you wish you could lower your car insurance premium? Is there something you can do to lower your auto insurance cost?

I have asked these same questions many times. I didn’t like the cost of my auto insurance. Since state law requires I must have such insurance, I spent time reviewing why my auto insurance costs were high and what I could do about it.

Here’s what I concluded. Life style change lowers the cost of auto insurance. What do I mean by that? Here’s a list of life style changes that lower the cost.

  1. Be a defensive driver. Avoid being the cause of an accident. Stay your distance behind the driver in front of you.
  2. Be happy with an older model car. Insurance for new cars is more costly because the cost of replacement is much higher.
  3. Grow older. Insurance for teenage drivers is more costly.
  4. Get married. Insurance rates are lower for married couples.
  5. Stop speeding and drinking so you don’t have tickets on your driving record.
  6. Take public transportation to work if employed outside the home. Commuting distances over twenty miles raises the cost of insurance. Using a vehicle only for pleasure lowers the rate.
  7. Buy a car that is highly rated for its safety if an accident were to occur. Not all cars rate the same when it comes to crash test results.
  8. Live in a rural area. Population density impacts collision and comprehensive rates.
  9. Add anti theft devices to your vehicle. Some vehicles are targets of thieves.
  10. Take a driving refresher course. Insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who take a driving refresher course.
  11. Find a good insurance company and stick with them. There are many companies out there. The internet provides opportunities to compare companies and find the best one for your situation. Once you find a good company, stay with it. A ‘no claims record’ over a time will cause your insurance carrier to offer or be open to your requesting a lower premium.
  12. Use the same insurance company for multiple types of insurance. Auto and home owners insurance or renters insurance are common examples.
  13. Get involved by comparing companies, their offerings and premiums. The internet provides a quick, easy way to compare companies, their rates and get free quotes.

I made life style changes and have low-cost auto insurance. I am no longer complaining about my car insurance premium.

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